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The Food Chamber is the second building, of ten in the series of alien structures, marked for internal destruction.

The Alien food source appears to be plants. This building provides the perfect balance of light and heat for the Alien plants.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

The Food Chamber contains the Aliens' food source in the form of plants. These plants require organic heat and light sources to prevent them from decaying. The Mutant Alliance also informs us that a number of Sectoids are held captive within the Food Chamber. Our old enemy has apparently become an Alien delicacy. Whilst the rescue of any Sectoids will guarantee an Alliance with the Mutants, the primary objective is to destroy the Alien heat and light sources as indicated here.  From: Mission Briefing


This building has two areas which contain the light/heat sources. There a seven bulbs in total which are resistant to damage. Destruction of a bulb will cause an explosive effect immediately followed by a very large incendiary blast.
Sectoids are present within this building. If they are not all killed, Mutant Alliance may become friendly with X-Com.


The battlescape architecture has the common design format present in most buildings. There is a unique large rock-wall encased room (the 'greenhouse') which contains three (of seven) bulbs, thick plant growths, pink biological columns hanging from the ceiling, and a central corridor with grav-lift. It is defended by two Psimorphs. One orange pad is present in the upper south-west section which serves as a main re-inforcement spawner for the alien defence squad. This pad, being within a critical alien structure will be used often.
The remaining bulbs are exposed atop of another unique structure: an orange-pad-device which is placed randomly on the battlescape. Destruction of these four bulbs is easiest if the orange pads below are destroyed since the large explosions may compromise the structure, bringing everything down. If any remain, a long-timed Vortex Mine will destroy the rest.
The smaller pink bulbs are not important.

Orange Pads

Three locations. Two standard structures (one unique style with objective) with four pads each. A single pad within the unique 'greenhouse'. Spawn timer is usually 35seconds.


  • 12x Anthropods
  • 6x Skeletoids
  • 2x Psimorphs
  • 6x Sectoids (maximum 20x)

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