Frag Grenade (Bureau)

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A standard fragmentation grenade with a large blast radius: when you want to use a grenade, hold down G to aim it: the targeted trajectory will be shown, along with a dome showing the blast zone. Aliens currently in the blast zone will shine with a orange glow. While the camera will only tilt upwards a certain amount when aiming, continuing to move the mouse "up" equates to a farther and farther toss, the limit on the camera tilt cleanly showing where it will land.

Note that you cannot "cook" a grenade (pull the pin, hold, 2, 3, toss-BOOM), and there is a slight time delay before it explodes, and some aliens are smart enough to run away. The default carry is 3, but one ability Agent Carter can earn can allow him to carry 6.

It can be first acquired in the hangar with the elevator in Groom Range, near the first Shotgun.