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BACKPALS.DATPalettes used by some background images.
BIGLETS.DATFont file. Large text.
COS.DATPre-calculated cosine table.
ENGLISH.DAT (TFTD)Geoscape English language text.
ENGLISH2.DAT (TFTD)Battlescape English language text.
FRENCH.DATGeoscape French language text.
FRENCH2.DATBattlescape French language text.
GERMAN.DATGeoscape German language text.
GERMAN2.DATBattlescape German language text.
INTERWIN.DATIntercept screen and control panel.
LANG1.DATFrench Geoscape control panel overlay.
LANG2.DATGerman Geoscape control panel overlay.
LOFTEMPS.DAT3-D Info on Map Objects
OBDATA.DAT (TFTD)Object data.
PALETTES.DATColor information used in the game.
SCANG.DATBattlescape map graphics.
SINE.DATPre-calculated sine table.
SMALLSET.DATFont file. Normal text.
WORLD.DATGlobal terrain/depth divisions.