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Game File Bug Fixes and Exploits

Game File Bug Fixes

Cash Rollover Bug Fix

If you have so much money that it all of a sudden it becomes negative (eg: $-2,168,000,000), you can delete the LIGLOB.DAT file and replace it from a new savegame. You cash becomes approx $4mil which is what is available from the new game.

Research Bug Fix

If your research progress has become corrupted due to the bugs in the research tree of TFTD, replace the RESEARCH.DAT, UP.DAT, PROJECT.DAT, PRODUCT.DAT, BPROD.DAT with files from a new saved game if you don't want to use a hex-editor.

Game File Exploits

Bottomless Money Pit

Insert a LIGLOB.DAT file from an old game that has lots of money, into a new game. You will inherit the cash balance of the old game. Or you can copy the file from a new savegame, in which case your cash becomes approx $4mil (the amount available at the start of a new game).

Enlightened Xcom

The Research Bug Fix (above) can be abused by inserting old files from a completed game into the save folder of a new game. The files to insert are UP.DAT, RESEARCH.DAT, FACIL.DAT and PRODUCT.DAT. You can (optionally) also copy SOLDIER.DAT to transfer you old soldiers into the save as well, just be sure the number of new soldiers is equal to the number of old soldiers you are transferring from your old game or the game will crash. SOLDIER.DAT also stores the solders' equipped armour (not their inventory though, unfortunately): if you remove all their armour then then copy the SOLDIER.DAT from your old game again, you can effectively duplicate said armour.

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Various game file manipulations are also used to setup the Aliens Own Earth scenario, a much more challenging variant of the game.

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