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The Gatekeeper are the alien's toughest unit, that of a biomechanical lifeform that carries devastating psionic capabilities.

The Gatekeeper is the alien's toughest unit, having incredible offense and defense that makes it one of the greatest threats we face. With that said, they are incredibly valuable to the Elders and restricted to a select few missions where they deem their presence to be important such as supply trains that is paramount for their operations. This hulking unit is incredibly tough and allows them to tear through buildings with ease and destroying any obstacles in their path (This can only occur when they are actively engaged).

It hides in its Shell that grants it immense protection but it can also come out in order to perform special psionic abilities that can cause chaos. It's greatest ability, Gateway, opens a massive psionic rift that deals damage to all enemies affected while also raising any corpses or units slain into zombies. If injured, they can Consume to steal the life force of other biological units but they are also physically powerful allowing them to even crush mechanical units. Upon taking fatal damage, their armor overloads and results in a explosion damaging nearby units.

Gatekeeper (Rank 1)

Difficulty Health
Crit Chance
Crit Chance
Flanking Crit Chance Bonus
Flanking Crit Chance Bonus
Detection Radius
Detection Radius (tiles)
Rookie 25 3 75 0 33 0 0 15 150 14
Veteran 40 4 80 0 33 15 0 16 180 14
Commander 50 4 90 10 40 15 0 16 200 14
Legend 60 4 90 10 40 15 0 16 200 14
Weapon Damage
Crit Damage
Crit Damage
Clip Size
Clip Size
Gatekeeper Beam 7 - 14 5 - -
Gateway 5 - 7 - - -
Consume 6 - 11 - - -
Max Units in Pod = 1
Force Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Leader Spawn Weight 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3
Follower Spawn Weight 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Abilities and Tactical Upgrades
Open/Close State
* This ability is a free action and has no cooldown * The open state allows the gatekeeper to use powerful psionic abilities * The closed state grants 3 armor, 25 defense, and 33% damage reduction
Switch between an open and closed state granting different bonuses.
* This ability has a 7-tile radius and can be fired up to 13 tiles away * Each corpse can only be raised once.
Open a large psionic rift dealing psionic damage to all units within range. Any humanoids killed or corpses caught in the area is reanimated into psi zombies. 3-turn cooldown
* This ability restores HP equal to 1.5 times the damage dealt.
Strike at a target in melee range dealing psionic damage, steals HP from a biological target and reanimating any humanoid targets killed.
Flashbang Resistance
* This does not allow the unit to resist sting grenade's effect * Muton Centurion has 20% resist, Sectoid Commanders/Great Archon has 33% resist, General (T1) has 50% resist, Muton elite has 67% resist, Gatekeeper/General (T2) has 75% resist. Rulers guaranteed resist
Have a chance to resist the effects of flashbangs.
Fire Immunity
XCOM2 infoIcon custom 1.png
Immune to fire damage and burning
Center Mass
*You do one additional point of base damage with your primary weapon, pistols or a sawed-off shotgun.
You do one additional point of base damage when using guns.

16% chance of applying after completion
*You do 2 additional points of base damage and 1 additional point(s) of bonus critical damage with your primary weapon.
You do 2 additional points of base damage and 1 additional point(s) of bonus critical damage with your primary weapon.

8% chance of applying after completion
Damage Control
*Your armor hardens temporarily after an impact. After taking damage, gain 2 armor through the end of the next turn.
After taking damage, gain 2 armor through the end of the turn.

20% chance of applying after completion


  • The Gatekeeper is one of the toughest units in the game boasting great defense and great durability. It is ideal to bring various tools to control them such as Disabling Shot, things to make your shots better such as Holotarget and the ability to deal as much damage as you can such as Shredder to reduce their armor and increase your effective damage.
  • Gatekeepers are large units taking up multiple spaces, thus Stasis cannot contain them and frost bombs are only half as effective reducing only one action.
  • Consume is a melee attack which means it can be countered by Combatives but be careful as they may not always do so.
  • Gatekeepers like to use Gateway in order to raise zombies more than trying to deal damage so creating bodies for them to revive can help avoid its damage and possibly even damage their own allies.
  • With their protective shell, Gatekeepers are incredibly durable but in order to use their special abilities they must open up to do so. When they do this, prepare for an attack that can do as much damage in one shot to deal high damage before they close up and regain their defenses.
  • As Gatekeepers are restricted to certain missions, it allows you to prepare specifically for them so make sure you have various counters for when they do end up appearing in the mission instead of unexpectedly running into them and potentially coming out heavily disadvantaged.