Godmother (Chimera)

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Agent Godmother
Agent Godmother
Traits Offense, Stealth, Ambush
Godmother is a seasoned veteran with no time for nonsense, and demands nothing less than perfection from their squadmates.

Godmother’s varied shotgun skills can destroy and flush enemies from cover, land guaranteed shots, and increase their chances for scoring critical hits—all while their extensive combat experience keeps them dodging incoming shots from enemies.

"Of course my plan is 'by the book'. I wrote half the book." -Godmother

Godmother is a human and an available agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

After going to ground with the nascent European resistance following the fall of Paris, Godmother provided operational training in guerrilla tactics after determining that direct resistance to ADVENT was likely to lead to reprisal attacks. They connected with X-COM in its leaner years and helped develop their training programs for new recruits. During the War for Liberation, Godmother continued their work as a field liason for the resistance groups. After the war, Godmother joined Reclamation to ensure its field-ready status.

Godmother wields a shotgun and primarily functions as a run-and-gun damage dealer. That being said, their abilities and upgrade choices give them a fair degree of adaptability and can help them outflank enemies more effectively.

Rank Ability
Cadet Scattershot
Godmother fires their shotgun in a short range cone, damaging multiple targets. Costs 2 ammo.
Deputy Agent Alpha Strike
Godmother fires their shotgun during a breach and will take their turn earlier on the Timeline. Godmother also gains 1 bonus action on their first turn.
Field Agent Last Stand
If Godmother is unimpaired and takes enough damage to begin bleeding out, they are reduced to 1 HP and is given a turn immediately after the current turn.
Godmother takes a shot at an enemy forcing them to reposition. Deals no damage. 1 turn cooldown.
Special Agent Ventilate
Godmother fires a shotgun blast that is guaranteed to hit and destroy cover. Costs 3 ammo. 3 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Close Combat Specialist
Godmother takes a reaction shot at enemies that get too close.
If Godmother downs an enemy the next attack against them will miss.
Principal Agent Overdrive
Godmother immediately gains bonuses to crit and dodge, and will receive an extra turn after 3 turns. Bonuses last until the end of the extra turn. Free action. One use per mission.
Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+1 mobility and +15 dodge.

Training (Principal Agent) Step Up

After scoring a kill, Godmother may take a free reload action.