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Within Mega-Primus' forest of high rise structures that proliferate the skyline, its primary mode of low cost travel involves the mass transit People Tube system that propels hapless travellers around the city at high speeds without requiring any vessels of conveyance. It's a free public service and you will not be restricted from accessing the people tubes even if you are in Transtellar's black books.

For those less inclined to travel the old fashioned way, the grav road system allows for reasonable access around the city in more conventional low flying hovercars. Like the ancient mass-transit system of trains, these vehicles are only able to travel along the roads and can not go beyond them.

As with all transport vehicles in the city, road vehicles have built in auto pilots that allow navigation to anywhere in the city as long as there is a road. Due to their need to traverse the complicated road network, ground vehicles typically take much longer to reach their destination. However, they are also generally cheaper and tougher than flying vehicles, and their firepower can be remarkable.

Note that in the base game, ground vehicles are hampered by their inability to leave the road (this includes the Griffon AFV, whose UFOpaedia entry states that it is an all-terrain vehicle), and by the easy manner in which the road system can suffer extensive damage. Destroying the road beneath a ground vehicle will cause that vehicle to be instantly destroyed, losing everything on board, making ground transport and especially ground combat a risky proposition. Ground vehicles may also be cut off from sections of the map if the road system is damaged. You will generally need a flying vehicle to reach UFOs that have crash-landed.

It is generally accepted by the playerbase that ground vehicles are useless to X-Com without making modifications to either the vehicles or the game. For example, the Road War mod makes roads indestructible, making ground vehicles significantly more useful to X-Com in most situations. Also, the Apoc'd utility allows the user to enable the purchase of military and civilian vehicles which X-Com cannot normally purchase, allowing for a far greater depth of roleplay. OpenApoc also includes an option to provide roads with armour, meaning there is still an element of risk to using ground vehicles while still making them viable in a campaign.

Military Vehicles

These vehicles are used to transport personnel and/or mount weapon systems. All are available to X-COM, while other organizations employ only the Blazer Turbo Bike (probably as couriers). While some organizations, such as Megapol and the gangs, do own several armed vehicles, these are never deployed.

Apoc turbobike icon.png Blazer Turbo Bike

Apoc stormdog icon.png Stormdog

Apoc wolfhound icon.png Wolfhound APC

Apoc griffon icon.png Griffon AFV

Civilian Vehicles

These are used by wealthy citizens and organizations. They are not available to X-COM, though X-COM employees will use Autotaxis to arrive to work when first hired, and when transferring between bases (provided that Transtellar isn't hostile). Police Cars will fire upon Alien vessels as well as vehicles belonging to any organization hostile to Megapol.

Apoc civiliancar icon.png Civilian Car

Apoc policecar icon.png Police Car

Apoc autotaxi icon.png Autotaxi

Apoc autotrans icon.png Autotrans

Manual Control

Road cars feature remote manual control overrides for owners of the vehicles to take control of the vehicle. Should the need ever arise, manual control allows the remote owner to control the vehicle to perform a variety of actions that the on-board auto pilot would otherwise never take. Such as altering acceleration, change lanes to overtake a slow vehicle, manually fire any on-board weapon systems or make U-turns without an intersection.

For an overview of available commands, see the page on manual control.

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