Hidden Features (OpenXcom)

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There are many little interface extras hidden in OpenXcom that aren't really mentioned anywhere ingame. This page is dedicated to them.

See Options for settings and keyboard shortcuts.


  • Use the mouse wheel to scroll lists and right-click the arrow buttons to scroll to the top/bottom.
  • Use the mouse cursor and keyboard keys to move the caret on text fields.
  • ALT-ENTER will toggle fullscreen mode.
  • Ctrl-G will toggle mouse cursor lock behaviour (when enabled, the mouse pointer will be unable to exit the window).


  • Right-click on arrows to set a value to minimum/maximum.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom the globe and right-click to center it on a location.
  • Click on a weapon during a dogfight to disable/enable it. (Screenshot Album Demonstrating this feature Here)
  • Right-click a craft in the interception screen to center on its location.
  • Right-click a base facility to bring up the associated management screen.
  • Right-click on a soldier in a craft's Soldiers screen to open up their stats page.
  • Right-click on a soldier in a craft's Armour screen assigns the last selected Armour to the soldier (if possible).


  • Use the mouse wheel to move the camera up/down a level.
  • Right-click to leave most screens.
  • Click a soldier's rank to bring up their stats.
  • Right-click while holding an inventory item to cancel the move.
  • Ctrl-click an item in the inventory to have the soldier pick it up or drop it on the ground. Also works in pre-battle for quick equip/unequip.
  • Right-click a grenade during pre-battle inventory to prime it.
  • Right-click the Zero TUs button to reset a soldier's time units (so they can't reaction fire).
  • Right-click while a soldier is moving to abort the move.
  • Right-click while a projectile is moving to skip to the projectile hit.
  • Use the mouse Previous/Next buttons to switch between soldiers.
  • Hold Ctrl while firing to ignore "No Line Of Fire" errors.
  • Ctrl-click a location makes a soldier run; Running Units move at 75% Time Unit Cost for 150% Energy cost.
  • Ctrl-click a square adjacent to a soldier that is perpendicular their current facing to have them 'sidestep'; costs 5 TU instead of 4 + facing changes.

Debug mode

Debug mode is a special feature that makes it easier for developers/contributors to test out game features without needing to play a new game from scratch. After setting "debug: true" in the Options File, you can enable it by pressing Ctrl-D in-game to access a variety of features:

Geoscape: Unlocks all research and shows globe country and region borders. Clicking on the globe returns the point coordinates. This option can be toggled, and toggles between showing country borders, regional borders, and mission zones.

Battlescape: Whole map is revealed and opening the inventory screen resets TUs. Clicking the map returns the point coordinates. With traceAI enabled in the config, AI behavior is revealed and logged. Please note, in debug mode QuickSave/QuickLoad feature in Battlescape are completely disabled.

Ctrl-V will reset visibility on all tiles, useful for observing LOS behaviour.

Ctrl-K will kill all live aliens in the mission (nothing will be recovered).

Ctrl-J will stun all live aliens in the mission (useful for testing recovery).

Ctrl-W will warp the selected unit to the mouse cursor's current position.

F8 will cycle through various engine processing speeds, useful for debugging animation errors.

You can also press Ctrl-U or set "debugUi: true" to reveal the borders of the interface text, to debug translation errors.

If the Commendations Mod is being played, Ctrl-C will wipe all earned commendations while retaining statistics, useful for debugging how they're awarded.