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History of Genesis

On the 7th of December 1999, Hasbro Interactive announced that it would be cutting 2200 jobs, and shutting down the Alameda and Chapel Hill studios (Alameda being the original headquarters of Microprose).

Dave Ellis (ex-designer of X-COM: Genesis) first opened a channel to the X-COM community back in April of 1998, on the X-COM Apocalypse Central WWWBoard, asking for ideas to be sent in for X-COM: Interceptor. This spawned great interest and an upsurge of activity. About 6 months later, in October 1998, Dave posted to the UFO Comm Centre and X-COM Central forums, announcing there was to be a new X-COM game, who's title was later revealed as X-COM: Genesis. He was asking for ideas from the fans. This was the start of a dream game that will never hit the shelves...

Hasbro Interactive claimed they would continue with the game's development, but they didn't. X-COM: Genesis was cancelled and hasn't been worked on since. Since Infogrames took over there has not been any word on it, so it's assumed the game is definitely dead.

On 2003 Dave Ellis gave an interview to the site The Last Outpost (available through this link) where he discussed the storyline and concepts beyond Genesis.

To honor the X-COM: Genesis team, I am listing the credits with names and roles. Here we go.

Adam Cogan - Artist Ben Cloward - Artist Ben Lichius - Artist Brian Hagan - Artist William 'Dink' Thompson - Artist Eric Peterson - Art Director Henry Schwetzke - Senior Artist Jeremiah Washburn - Artist Jeremy Bernal - Senior Artist Mike McClelland - Lead Artist Hugh Ackerman - Artist Marc Racine - Producer Dave Ellis - Designer Wayne Harvey - Lead Programmer Rico Stenson - Programmer Kevin Nelson - Programmer Chris Nash - Programmer

William Denman - Studio Head

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