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    /_/                 /_/ OpenApoc is under development, in Alpha state (this means not all features implemented) Here whats left.


This Wiki is a work in progress - all contributions to it are welcome as long as they are related with OpenApoc. Feel free to add new pages, edit the current ones and to use the discussion tab to ask any questions.
OpenApoc is under development, so unless otherwise noted.

OpenApoc is a open-source remake of XCOM: Apocalypse original game on new engine, engine will be use imported graphic and sounds from original ISO image.
Improvements will be added by mods.
(for OpenApoc you will need your original copy of X-Com Apocalypse)

  • Porting to a new crossplatform open-source engine
  • Support for easy mod creation which was really hard in the original
  • Unlimited possibilities for game finesse
  • Added Skirmish module
  • Added full debug system
  • Added more then 40 improvements already
  • Support for modern screen resolution
  • In mods we can add cut mechanics and Julain Gollop ideas
  • we got support from Julian Gollop (creator of the X-Com series)

We needs more programmers - thus we finish project faster. Help more people find out about OpenApoc!

Social pages (recent news)


The OpenApoc development history

Version Release date Changes
#450 [# Dec 25th, 2018]

Our kind friend and programmer @FranciscoDA compiled a more detailed message where he described in detail all the fixes and additions lately

👽 UI:

  • Fixed track selected lab in each base
  • Fixed buttons in research screen
  • Fixed vehicles being bought twice in transaction screen
  • Fixed deleting labs
  • Fixed listbox rendering
  • Fixed ordering a vehicle to attack a building
  • Fixed a bug where different transaction controls could become desynchronized in the transaction screen
  • Fixed vehicle weapon range is now scaled correctly in the vehicle equipment screens
  • Fixed alien equipment now correctly displayed as "Alien Artifact" if unresearched
  • Fixed crash when selling vehicle equipment or ammo
  • Fixed agent/vehicle equipment screen would open from assignment screen when clicked. Now opens only with right click, like in vanilla Apocalypse
  • Fixed displayed value for fire rates
  • Changed agent assignment screen completely (now supports drag and drop and dragging multiple agents!)
  • Added hotkeys to Ufopaedia
  • Added bribe screen
  • Added score screen (for alien investigations and ufo incursions)
  • Added editable names for agents and crafts
  • Added messages for vehicle rearmed, refuelled, not enough ammo, not enough fuel

👽 General gameplay:

  • Fixed agent training and healing while assigned to a vehicle parked inside base
  • Fixed base defense-related crash triggered by alien movement
  • Fixed destroying facilities. Also refunds money when destroying unfinished facilities
  • Fixed initial equipment for vehicles to match vanilla Apocalypse
  • Fixed crashes related to vehicles being destroyed
  • Fixed living quarters
  • Fixed hirable agents could spawn from buildings with Xcom bases
  • Added agent healing
  • Added agent training
  • Added option to automatically seed the RNG on game start (enabled by default)
  • Added a cheat menu and several cheat options (disabled by default)

👽 Cityscape:

  • Fixed "live alien spotted" red circle
  • Fixed vehicle recovery missions
  • Fixed a bug preventing vehicles from other organizations to attack hostile vehicles
  • Fixed ground vehicles consuming fuel when idle
  • Fixed UFOs can now fire in 360° arc
  • Fixed vehicles are now clickable through buildings
  • Fixed spaceliners would still spawn with airport destroyed
  • Changed idle vehicles now turn automatically towards closest enemy
  • Improved pathfinding for road vehicles
  • Improved algorithm for collapsing buildings
  • Added option to make the Wolfhound APC all-terrain (disabled by default)
  • Added aliens coming out from portals and going back into them
  • Added alien UFO missions (destroy building, infiltrate, subvert, escort)
  • Added vehicles are now able to enter dimension gate
  • Added scenery repair

👽 Battlescape:

  • Fixed crash when entering battle with empty autocannon
  • Fixed turn-based UI wouldn't display TU cost to fire when hovering an enemy
  • Fixed range checks
  • Fixed calculation of TU cost to fire
  • Added option for automatic run-and-kneel at the start of battle (disabled by default)
  • Added auto recovery of live chrysallis and alien eggs
  • Added agent equipment adjusts to reflect their score
  • Added stun and multishot weapons

👽 Code:

  • Removed cotire from cmake builds (default to ccache instead)
  • Added support for C++14 and C++17
  • Updated dependencies (physfs, glm, boost)
  • Fixed a buffer overrun bug when playing sounds under some audio configurations

👽 Contributors for this release:

  • AndreyCreator
  • Filmboy84
  • FranciscoDA
  • Istrebitel
  • Jarskih
  • JonnyH
  • makus82
  • redv
  • Roger
  • SiemensSchuckert
  • Skin36
  • solbu
  • SupSuper

👽 Other milestones:

  • +2500 commits!
  • +100 closed issues!