Item Destruction Table (TFTD)

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This page lists the damage that must be done by an explosive weapon to destroy a given object. Listed from most fragile objects to most durable and indestructible.

Note: The various grenades are indestructible, as no explosive deals enough damage to destroy them.

ItemDestruction Damage
X-Com Corpses0
Civilian Male Corpse12
All items not listed20
Small alien corpses26
Hydro Jet Cannon clips40
Chemical Flare40
Phosphorous Torpedo40
Disruptor Pulse Launcher40
Sonic Pistol45
Gas Cannon clips50
Sonic weapons/clips EXCEPT Sonic Pistol50
Small and Large torpedoes50
Thermal Shok Bomb60
Disruptor Pulse Torpedo60
Gauss weapon clips70
Particle Grenade (with v2.0 patch)90
Dye Grenade110
Magna-Pack Explosive140
Magna-Blast Grenade150
Particle Grenade (without v2.0 patch)150
Sonic Pulser150

Explosive weapons do 50% of average damage to items on the ground (adjusted for distance from ground zero). In addition, objects can only be destroyed by explosions with strength greater than the values in the table. These are the damage values versus objects for various weapons at ground zero:

Explosive TypeDamage
Gas Cannon HE rounds32.5
Hydro-Jet Cannon HE rounds25
Small HE Torpedoes40
Large HE Torpedoes45
Magna-Blast Grenade25
Magna-Pack Explosive50
Particle Disturbance Grenade35
Sonic Pulser60
Disruptor Pulse Launcher105
Coelacanth Torpedoes45
Displace Pulse Wave Torpedoes70

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