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To avoid repetition, this is simply a list of all the weights of items in TFTD. See Item Weights for more info on how item weights work and what they mean to you

Tip: Unlike in UFO:EU, the weights of small(1-space) items are NOT the same. Keep an eye on the exact item weight.

Ballistic WeaponsEnergy WeaponsExplosive WeaponsMelee WeaponsCorpsesMiscellaneous
Name Weight
Dart Gun 5
   Dart Pod 2
Jet Harpoon 8
   Harpoon Pod 2
Gas Cannon 17
    GC-AP** 5
    GC-HE** 6
    GC-IN** 6
Hydro-Jet Cannon 19
    HJ-AP 5
    HJ-HE 5
    HJ-IN 5
Name Weight
Gauss Pistol 7
   Gauss Pistol Clip 2
Gauss Rifle 8
   Gauss Rifle Clip 3
Heavy Gauss 18
   Heavy Gauss Clip 4
Sonic Pistol 3
   Pistol Power Clip 3
Sonic-Blasta Rifle 5
   Rifle Power Clip 3
Sonic Cannon 8
   Cannon Power Clip 3
Name Weight
Torpedo Launcher 10
    Small Torpedo 5
    Large Torpedo 8
    Incendiary Torpedo 8
Thermal Shok Launcher 8
    Thermal Shok Bomb 3
Disruptor Pulse Launcher 12
    Disruptor Pulse Torpedo 4
Name Weight
Vibro Blade 10
Thermic Lance 10
Heavy Thermic Lance 15
Name Weight
Diving Suit 35
Plastic Aqua Armor 35
Ion Armor* 40
Magnetic Ion Armor* 40
Aquatoid 30
Gillman 40
Lobsterman 45
Tasoth 40
Calcinite 30
Deep One 35
Bio-Drone 30
Tentaculat 40
Name Weight
Thermal Tazer 6
Magna-Blast Grenade 3
Dye Grenade 3
Particle Disturbance Grenade 3
Sonic Pulser 3
Magna-Pack Explosive 6
Chemical-flare 3
Particle Disturbance Sensor 3
Medi-Kit 5
M.C. Disruptor 8
M.C. Reader 7
Zrbite 3

* Technically these corpses are the same object type, and have only 1 entry in OBDATA.DAT

**Don't ask me, just writing it as the code gives it.

Quick reference for common item sets

Items Weight
Loaded Jet Harpoon + reload, grenade 15
Loaded Gauss Rifle + Reload, Grenade 17
Gas Cannon Loaded with Solid Bolts 23
     w/ extra clip 28
Gas Cannon Loaded with HE or I bolts 24
     w/ extra clip 30
Loaded Hydro-Jet Cannon 24
     w/ extra clip 29
Loaded Torpedo Launcher + 3 Large Torpedoes 42
     w/ all Small Torpedoes 30
Loaded Sonic Cannon 11
Loaded Disruptor Pulse Launcher 16
     + 5 Disruptor Pulse Torpedos 36
Loaded Thermal Shok Launcher + 3 reloads 20
Loaded Gauss Pistol 9
Loaded Sonic Pistol 6
Thermal Tazer 6
Medi-Kit 5
M.C. Reader 7
M.C. Disruptor 8

Uncarryable items

The remaining items cannot be picked up, but are included for completeness sake:

Corpses (continued): 
Male Civilian............30
Female Civilian..........50 

Note that for the large units, each quarter is worth 50 units.

Sorted by item weight

Here's an alternate listing sorted by Item Weight. Does not include items that can't be picked up:

Weight Item
 2   Dart Pod
     Harpoon Pod
     Gauss Pistol clip
 3   Gauss Rifle clip
     Pistol Power clip
     Rifle Power clip
     Cannon Power clip
     Thermal Shok Bomb
     Magna-Blast Grenade
     Dye Grenade
     Particle Disturbance Grenade
     Sonic Pulser
     Chemical Flare
     Particle Disturbance Sensor
 4   Heavy Gauss clip
     Disruptor Pulse Torpedo
 5   GC-AP clip
     HJ-AP clip
     HJ-HE clip
     HJ-I clip
     Sonic Blasta Rifle
     Small Torpedo

 6   GC-HE clip
     GC-I clip
     Thermal Tazer
     Magna-Pack Explosive
 7   Gauss Pistol
     M.C. Reader
 8   Jet Harpoon
     Gauss Rifle
     Sonic Cannon
     Large Torpedo
     Incendiary Torpedo
     Thermal Shok Launcher
     M.C. Disruptor
10   Torpedo Launcher
     Thermic Lance
12   Disruptor Pulse Launcher
15   Heavy Thermic Lance
17   Gas Cannon
18   Heavy Gauss
19   Hydro-Jet Cannon
30   Aquatoid
35   Soldier in Diving Suit or Plastic Aqua Armor
     Deep One
40   Soldier in Ion or Magnetic Ion Armor
45   Lobsterman