Jasonred79's Guide to Making Friends with Corporations for FREE

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Aliens for Free

Having problems with groups that are hostile to you? Bribing Transtellar is a very short term solution and it doesn't address the basic problem that Transtellar likes the aliens and gets unhappy when you attack them.

Instead the solution is to make Transtellar HATE the aliens, and suddenly, wow, all your problems are solved.

The way to do this is, instead of being focused on shooting down all the aliens, what you could do instead is to taunt them with a hoverbike, make them shoot at you, then fly around in front of Transtellar's expensive buildings and then dodge and let the building get blown to bits. ... you will lose some score for damage to the city, but it will be EXTREMELY worth it.

I don't think the wiki allows me to link to my youtube video of it, but try going to youtube and search for "X-com Apocalypse : "Making Friends" with Transtellar"

This is the TRUE power of hoverbikes... quick and evasive, nothing beats a hoverbike for "standing in front of a building, taunting the aliens, and dodging and letting the building get hit instead"

... Transtellar REALLY shouldn't think I'm a nice guy for doing this trick, LOL!!!

BTW, I took a look at Transtellar's bank balance on a daily basis after this destruction, and it cost them upwards of a million dollars to repair that damage... hahaha...

Sacrificing Hoverbikes to the Cult Of Sirius

It turns out that the COS temple defending aircraft aren't very good shots, and they can't easily hit a hoverbike... even a stationary hoverbike. So, you can just park a hoverbike next to a corporation, and their planes will fire missiles and miss and blow up the building. Be warned that there are certain sweet spots that enemies find very difficult to hit, and other spots and situations where enemies find it relatively easy to land hits.

Be prepared to lose your hoverbikes in this way. It's quite possible to have them survive the experience though. Anyhow, this is (usually) a lot cheaper than outright paying bribes to the corporations.

Not allowed to direct link to youtube, but look up "X-com Apocalypse: Making COS public enemy #1" and "X-com Apocalypse : Baiting Cityscape Defenders" under Jason Leong

Luxury Baiting

This is probably pointless, because it is only possible in the late late game, and there's no real need to do so, unless you just feel like torturing the COS. Anyhow, turns out that Annihilator's are so heavily armored that autocannons and Bolters will barely scratch them. And missiles won't really lock onto them if you have a Cloaking Field attached. ... so, you can attach a cloaking device WITH NO SHIELDS onto your annihilator (the shields would get destroyed), or maybe even 2 Cloaking Fields or maybe a teleporter. Fire a shot into a COS temple, and then just park in front of some target organization and let them fire away. The stray missiles will damage the building structure.