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Mission Planner Controls

Unit Editor Controls

Tactical Controls

Tactical Mouse Controls

All unit actions, as in X-COM, are controlled with the mouse. UFO2000 uses the same controls as the original games with only minor differences:

  • right mouse click can be used to stop movement of a soldier
  • soldiers can't automatically open doors, so you need to use right mouse click behind the door to open it (just like in TFTD)
  • mouse wheel scrolls map levels up and down just like the ladder buttons on the control panel or the PgUp/PgDn keys
Tactical Keyboard Controls
F10 Switch Fullscreen/Windowed mode (not in main menu!)
ESC Exit to main menu
Enter Send message.
Arrow Keys Scroll the map window
PgUp/PgDn Switch between map levels
Right CTRL + F9 Fast switching between two keymaps selected as primary_keyboard and secondary_keyboard in ufo2000.ini file.
Right CTRL + b,d,e,p,r Switch between Belarusian, German, English, Polish and Russian keymaps (other languages can be selected in ufo2000.ini file).
Left CTRL Shows the route of the selected soldier to the cursor cell with number of TUs left at each cell of the path. In the inventory screen, it will show item damage value as a damage bar.
Left ALT Shows the trajectory of your shots assuming the accuracy of the shot is ideal. When THROW for an object in hand is selected, it alternatively shows the trajectory of an ideal throw. In the inventory screen, it will show item damage value in digits.
Left SHIFT Allows precise aiming if held down while ordering a soldier to shoot with the left mouse button. See below.
Left SHIFT + Arrow Keys Change size of the map screen.
* (numpad) Switches between close-up and larger view.
BKSP Remove last character in the message.
F12 Save the screen to "snapshot_n.pcx" file where n is the number of the snapshot.
SHIFT + Spacebar Pause game.

Left SHIFT details: Shows a box with squares for precise aiming as shown.

3 6 9 12
2 5 8 11
1 4 7 10

The order reflects the vertical disposition of the unit/object inside the target box: 1 corresponds to the lowest level of the square you're firing at, usually it is occupied with the floor, going upwards until 12, which is the highest level.