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I doubt few will ever make it to this page. Yet here it is, in all its tangential depth.

Extended Kill Model Results

Here, find an Excel 2k spreadsheet for all the datapoints listed in Table 1 of the Experience Training - Kill Model results.

For anyone deeply into XCOM, this contains such things as the minimum and maximum number of hits needed for kills. See Table 2 for an explanation.

Also included is the min and max damage from each weapon versus each target. This is basically a check that I did my computations correctly. Also, see below.

This work builds upon that of, first and foremost, the painstaking trials of Zombie. Past that, the explosion of data - pardon the term - from Bomb Bloke's fantastic numerical tileset (see the end of that section) really got things going. Danial quickly saw weapon damage versus tiles, and others like Hobbes and NKF added many good observations.

(more to follow)