Large Disruption Shield (Apocalypse)

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A larger and more powerful version of the Small Disruption Shield designed for larger Alien craft. Its absorption level is much greater, but will still malfunction if the power level is reduced to zero.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Large Disruption Shield

Craft Item

  • Size: 3 × 3
  • Weight: 120
  • Shielding: 400
  • Recharge Rate: 400seconds (1 point every second).
  • Manufacturer: X-Com (exotic copy)
  • Sell Price: 19800
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 15

The Large Disruption Shield provides stronger hull protection against any offensive weaponry. Shield strength is denoted by a blue health bar which will deplete as the shield uses its disruption field energy to protect the craft until the device has expired, which it harmlessly self destructs and disappears. Shielding strength will recharge slowly if the module is not destroyed, or when a new module is inserted into the craft's inventory space. Vehicle shields are combined into a one protection 'quantity'. One large shield provides 400points of extra constitution. If more large shields are used on the same craft, the shield effect is added +400points for each module.
If the combined total of shield points is reduced to zero, all large shield modules will harmlessly self destruct.
To optimise space for the best shielding power, large shields may be mixed with Small Shields.