Laser Pulse Rifle (Bureau)

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An excellent weapon: this gun has a significant rate of damage, a decent clip/carry size, and as the mid-level Outsider gun, ammo will be plentiful. It fires lasers in a 3-shot blast. With an "un-aimed" shot, it has a scatter akin to a shotgun. With an aimed shot, it can be fired fairly rapidly, akin to an Assault Rifle. And with the Scoped shot (clicking the scroll wheel), it serves admirably as a Sniper Rifle.

  • Clip/Carry: 18/72
  • Gunner Pack: 23/92
  • Laser Efficiency Pack: 36/144

It can be first acquired in a Minor Operation after the Spire mission (and the Titian boss battle), such as early in Operation Longsword. Your commandos can take this weapon.