Longsword (Bureau)

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Only one minor operation in this section, and it's both fairly easy and productive. The mission is to disable a Silacoid facility.

Barnes drops you off on a small city street. Go forward to a small plaza, and up the steps. Just ahead of you is the very useful Pulse Laser Rife, and some Sectoids and Grunts, and one Shield Commander. After that wave, another pack lies in wait near a monument. Once through, progress through until an Army Tent. Outside is a wide street where you'll engage a number of Zudjari, including a Tech Commander, and a Muton that will exit the facility. As long As you stay in the fortified area of the street, the muton will be unable to close in on you, so take you time in taking him out-- watch out for Silacoids, tho.

Just inside the front door, there's a Kinetic Acceleration Pack schematic on the floor. Just after the next door, look in the nook on the right for the Heavy Plasma Pistol. There's a Supply Drop in the room; commandos can take the Pulse Rifle, and Supports now have their best weapon in the Pistol.

In the next room, there's one Shield Commander (2-3 headshots-- or even one with an upgraded Lift- with the new Pistol can kill him, showing it's power), and many Sectoids and Silacoids. Shut down the large cylinder down the corridor and then proceed to the next room. There will be a few more Sectoids, and a Sniper. After a bit, a Sectopod will arrive. A Support with Weaken (destroys armor) and the Heavy Plasma Pistol works wonders against this threat. Take it out.

Shut down the facility by the panel in the next room, and you're done for this mission.