M1911 Pistol (Bureau)

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The M1911A1 (and it's real-world vairants) is a .45mm handgun, known as an industry standard for handguns, and has prolific history as a standard weapon in film and games. It is Agent Carter's default starting weapon, and will be your most used gun for the first level. At the start, Carter will (inexplicably) have infinite ammo as the game tutorializes the player through the game mechanics.

After that:

  • Clip/Carry: 9/90
  • Gunner Pack: 12/120

It has significant firepower, compared to rapid-fire conventional weapons, and as a semi-auto, has good accuracy for those that take the time to aim properly.

This gun, and it's ammo, will appear consistently throughout the game in human areas--- often near the remains of a civillian who didn't quite shoot well enough.