Main Menu (UFO2000)

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At the main menu your choices are:

Connect to internet server

Play a game over the internet. This button allows you to pick a server, name, and password. It brings you to the server menu.

Start hotseat game

Play a two player game on one computer. This button brings you to the misson planner. During a hotseat game there are black screens between the player's turns, for fairness.

Show geoscape demo

A new version of the old X-com geoscape map merely for demonstration.

Load saved game

Continue play on an unfinished game.

Load a replay

Watch a replay of a previously completed game which was saved.


Change your settings and preferences such as game speed, mouse sensitivity, sounds, and graphics.

Tip of the day

Displays the tip of the day.


Displays copyright and legal information. Clicking "more" gives you a basic description of the game and a link to the help index.


No you fool! Don't click it!