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The Maintenance Factory is the fourth building of ten in the series of alien structures.

The Maintenance Factory produces the nutrients and energy for all other buildings. This is done by pumping the nutrient liquid through the connecting tube that runs through the city, just like blood in a cardiovascular system. The destruction of this building will be a significant blow to the Aliens and allow us to destroy all remaining structures.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

The Maintenance Factory appears to contain a number of sacred Alien structures. We believe that the Alien Dimension is fueled by the structures pictured here. These heart units must be destroyed in order to weaken the remaining structures. Our success here will indeed be a severe blow to the Aliens as exactly half of the Alien Dimension will lie in ruins.  From: Mission Briefing


This building has three areas which contain the "sacred alien structures" (shown left). There are thirteen in total which are resistant to damage. Destruction of a single piece of the "cardiovascular system" will cause an explosion which may destroy an adjacent piece and eventual collapse of the supports. It is possible that an explosion may not detonate the adjacent piece.


The alien battlescape is seven levels high.
The architecture is only slightly similar to the first alien fungus building, the Sleeping Chamber but contains many stone-embedded walls and archways, including corridors. Map segments which do not contain an objective are multi level, often full height, sections of the usual terrain.
Objectives are located in three areas: a large 'grand gallery' with five towers, four towers in a line, and four others in a square orientation. The smaller tower battlescape segments each contain four orange pads each whereas the grand gallery has two only. There are small stringers hanging from the ceiling next to some objectives, these are insignificant.
Oddity: There is no ground tile for the segment with four pads next to each other. Visual corruption occurs if the ground is exposed.

Orange Pads

Re-Inforcement Timer is 30 seconds.
Three locations. Ten pads in total.
The common feature of brown structural scaffolds is absent however explosive plants are still near. The grand gallery contains one pad each on the northern and southern (overhead view) areas and both are within a small enclave which limits crossfire support (ie: if alien turns to face one agent, alien gets shot in the back by another!). Other pads are exposed and do not have easily available cover for agents to spawn-camp. Detonation of the objectives may destroy the pads except the two which are isolated.


  • 6x Anthropod
  • 6x Skeletoid
  • 6x Popper
  • 2x Psimorph

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