Mars (Cydonia) Terrain

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Mars Terrain

This terrain is used exclusively for the first Cydonia mission. It is essentially a modified version of the desert terrain. The primary modification comes in the form of four large Pyramids. Each Pyramid has a different internal structure: a 4-way tunnel, a control room, a two-storeyed layout, and the green lift that will take your troops underground. The other new feature on Cydonia are the craters, which, although they look quite small, do provide cover for Aliens.

The second stage of the Mars raid occurs beneath the surface, and the layout there is similar to Alien Base Terrain.

Battle Notes

  • Be wary of Pyramid doorways as Sectoids have a habit of popping out, shooting at your men, and then hiding again.
  • Craters can, and do, provide cover for Aliens.
  • Use the Pyramids to your advantage as the Cyberdiscs cannot enter them.
  • One Pyramid layout provides a windowed 2nd-storey which is perfect for sniping.

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