Marsec M4000 Machine Gun

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A military automatic firing projectile weapon. It is good at close range using automatic fire, but not accurate enough to be effective at longer ranges.
M4000 Machine Gun

M4000 Machine Gun

  • Size: 2 × 4
  • Weight: 7
  • Fire Rate: 3.0 r/s
  • Accuracy: 30%
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Available: Week 1
  • Base Price: $800
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 9
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 24
  • Battlescape Score: 2
  • Style: two-handed


M4000 Gun Clip
M4000 Clip.png
  • Size: 1 × 1
  • Weight: 1
  • Power: 21
  • Damage Type: Armor Piercing
  • Ammo: 36
  • Range: 56m
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Base Price: $20
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 40
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 70
  • Battlescape Score: 0

A rapid firing machine gun commonly used in close quarters combat due to its low accuracy. The weapons fire rate allows auto-shot to the best choice in combat due to its low power of each impact. Ammunition quantities on the market are adequate, so this weapon may serve as standard equipment for average agents. Dual wielded weapons isn't very usefull due to needing so much space to carry the ammunition unless used by agents with high accuracy skill to limit waste. Will detonate Poppers.
Note: Low power and a high fire rate will quickly increase an agent's accuracy skill if the shots impact an enemy.

Turn-Based combat and auto-shot allows this weapon to be used easily.

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