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The Lawpistol serves as X-COM's basic handgun. Unlike its counterparts in the previous games, the Lawpistol is actually very potent, inflicting more damage per shot than the Marsec M4000 Machine Gun. For medium-range pelting, the Lawpistol fires more accurately than the M4000, and it still compares acceptably when fired in fully automatic mode at short ranges. The drawback to frequent use of autoshots is that clips are both small and scarce.




  • Size: 1 × 2
  • Weight: 3
  • ROF: 2.00 r/s
  • Accuracy: 45%
  • Manufacturer: Megapol
  • Base Price: $300
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 15
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 50
  • Battlescape Score: 2

"A standard issue hand gun which is good at short range and quite powerful. Its usefulness should not be underestimated because it allows an Agent to use other equipment, such as a grenade, with the spare hand."


Lawpistol Clip

Lawpistol Clip

Lawpistol Clip.png
  • Size: 1 × 1
  • Weight: 1
  • Power: 24
  • Damage Type: Armor Piercing
  • Ammo: 16
  • Range: 43m
  • Manufacturer: Megapol
  • Base Price: $10
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 20
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 80
  • Battlescape Score: 0

"Ammunition for the Lawpistol."

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