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The Stun Grapple is primarily a police weapon used to incapacitate criminals by way of firing rods into perpetrators and delivering an electrical shock. Unlike conventional tasers, the Stun Grapple does not need to be connected to the electrical rods and in fact discards them after each use. They are in fact slowly but continuously regenerated in the Stun Grapple.

The amount of paralysis that can be induced is fixed to twice the grapple's output in order to prevent serious harm.

The weapon can be used to amazing effect against humanoid aliens and most smaller aliens that have weak constitutions, such as Hyperworms and Poppers. They will almost immediately be knocked out after a direct hit.

Tougher enemies like the Multiworms are able to withstand the maximum amount of paralysis that a Stun Grapple can produce. They must be weakened in order to be knocked unconscious.

The Stun Grapple is also the only known weapon that is capable of capturing a Micronoid Aggregate, as they cannot be harmed with Stun Gas and their psi powers are too great for attempting psi-stunning.

The only known means of protecting against a Stun Grapple attack is by way of a Personal Disruptor Shield that negates the attack completely. It will not even damage the shield.

Despite the short range, the Stun Grapple is a great secondary weapon to arm to ensure that an enemy will be taken out of combat a little faster.


Stun Grapple

Stun Grapple

Megapol Stun Grapple.png
  • Size: 2 × 3
  • Weight: 6
  • Power: 90
  • Damage Type: Stun
  • Ammo: 5 (Recharges)
  • Range: 6m
  • ROF: 0.82 r/s
  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Manufacturer: Megapol
  • Base Price: $400
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 5
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 20
  • Battlescape Score: 1

"The Stun Grapple is a powerful police weapon used for stunning and capturing prisoners. It is effective against Aliens but can only be activated at a very short range. Larger Aliens may need weakening before they can be stunned."

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