Meld Canister (EU2012)

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A Meld Canister

Meld Canisters are located on Landed and Crashed UFOs as well as Abduction missions, each with a timer. Each canister contains 10 Meld units which can be recovered by moving a soldier (but not a S.H.I.V.s) next to the canister and securing it, if it still has any actions left. There are 4 possible locations for canisters in all maps. Two locations will be fairly close to the Skyranger DZ and will contain 1 canister, while the other will be in a location near the other end of the map to where XCOM starts.

Each container's timer will have a number above it. Even if you have not yet located a Meld Canister the timer continues to count down until it reaches 0 and explodes, damaging anything near by and removing that Meld from the game. Meld Canisters can also be destroyed by weapons or explosives.

Tips and Tricks

Meld Canister with 5 turns remaining
  • Early game it can be beneficial for you to just kill all the aliens and then have the Meld be automatically collected at the end to help avoid casualties.
  • It can be worth keeping two or three countries without Satellite coverage on any difficulty but Impossible so that you can continue to have Abduction Missions to collect Meld from.
  • Meld canisters can be collected by Mind Controlled enemies.
  • After the Meld is collected, the canister can be destroyed without worry; the 10 Meld from it will still be in your artifact recovery report.

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