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The Mind Shield is a device that has been officially withdrawn from the shelves by its manufacturer. All units have since been recalled to the Marsec factories for destruction. As such, the few that still exist can only be found in Marsec possession.

The device was originally intended to work as a means of bolstering a person's defences against psionic attack. Though the increase is not great, it works as intended. However, shortly after it was introduced, it was found that a side effect of prolonged use of the Mind Shield would render a permanent increase of the user's psi defences.

Not only that, once increased, the mind shield could compound its effect on the user and improve the already increased psionic defences even more. With contiuous use, the user would be eventually completely invulnerable to mind control, but will still susceptible to some of the weaker attacks of psionic suggestion.

This, in a business sense, would have been a financial disaster for Marsec as releasing only a few of these products would in time wipe out the entire market that it was intended for. Not only that, it would've made the Mind Bender obsolete, which would have lost them even more of their customer base.

Thus all Mind Shields have been recalled, the blueprints incinerated, the design team erased and it is never to be spoken of again at the board meetings ever again. Ever.

This device is not complete and was meant to be officially removed from the retail release of X-COM Apocalypse. Due to an oversight, it is one of the few disabled items in the game that can be found in the battlescape.


Marsec Mind Shield.png
  • Size: 2 x 2
  • Weight: 3
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Base Price: $0
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 0
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: ??
  • Battlescape Score: 5

Usage Notes

The mind shield must be put in the hand and activated for it to function. You can see its effects turn on after a few seconds on the Mind Benders control panel. Use two for double the effects.

The permanent effect of the mind shield will only be rendered on units that end the mission or escape from the battle zone with the mind shield left switched on.

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