Misson Planner (UFO2000)

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The mission planer allows you to configure and place your units, as well as choosing the mission type and parameters.

Choosing the map

Initially the map type is set to the same type used in the previous game the challenger played. By left-clicking on the map name, a new menu will appear with these options to alter the map:

option description
<mapname> brings up a menu allowing you to change the current map type
4*4 changes the map size to 4*4, randomizes map if applicable
5*5 changes the map size to 5*5, randomizes map if applicable
6*6 changes the map size to 6*6, randomizes map if applicable
NEW randomly generates a new map of the same size and type if applicable
LOAD loads a saved map
SAVE saves the current map

Leave this menu by left-clicking anywhere outside of it.

Choosing the game rules

There are several rules to choose from to alter the way each game is played. By clicking on the Game Rules text, a new menu will appear with these options to alter them:

option description range default
light level lower number equals less light on the battlescape 6~16 16
points limit each players squad must cost equal to or less than this many points 2000~50000 points 15000 points
turns limit the game will end once the specified turn is reached none~20 turns no limit
time limit each players turn will end if their turn is not completed within the specified number of seconds none~600 seconds no limit
exploration level how much of the map is explored for each player when the match begins (0: map entirely unexplored, 1: deployment area only explored, 2: map entirely explored) 0~2 1
editor ? Ground On/Off Off

Leave this menu by left-clicking anywhere outside of it.

Configuring units

To configure your units, which is best done by starting a hotseat game to popup the mission planer, hit F4 or ctrl-click the unit you are configuring. This pops up the configuration dialog. Besides configuring a unit, from here one may save or load teams, as well as select the weaponset. A unit may be equipped with a weapon by left-clicking the weapon, then dragging the weapon onto the slot and left-clicking again. Right-click drops the weapon to the ground. Some weapons need to loaded with ammo the same way by right-clicking with the ammo on the weapon. A loaded weapon will show the number of rounds loaded below the weapon icon. If you hit F4 or ctrl-click the unit image, the unit stat configuration dialog pops up. The dialog is closed by hitting ESC.

Configuring unit stats

Left click on the picture of the current soldier you are viewing to configure their stats. This dialog allows you to assign point to stats. If you have no points, reduce a stat to get points to spend. You may choose the race and armor of the unit. It is currently not possible to set the race to alien directly if the unit is female, so set it to male default first. This dialog is closed by hitting ESC.

Placing units

Left-click on the unit you wish to place. Drag the line to the location inside your box(green box left side= challenger, red box right side= taker) and left-click to place the unit. Right-click a unit on the map or a units name to remove it from the map.

Send units and start the game

Hit [Send] to send the team. [Send] will green up if your team is below the point limit and if the units are equipped with weaponry allowed by the weapon set. Units carrying disallowed weaponry will show up red. After that, when both players hit [Start], the game starts and the battlescape will show up.