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Field Manual 7-12M Modified X-COM Weapon Set


The purpose of this field manual is to provide squad leaders with instructions concerning the usage and technical data of the Modified X-COM Weapon Set. As determined by General Order 137, the current weaponry available to combat units has been standardized to encompass the field modifications made due to the experience amassed during the current conflict, together with other changes and additions. In order to properly operate the improved equipment FM 7-12 has been updated to reflect the latest changes, with the current version being 7-12, superseding all previous versions.

List of Modifications

Pistol (Modified)

In response to complaints received concerning the power of the X-COM Pistol, a new version has replaced the original handgun. The barrel of the weapon has been replaced by one of a higher caliber, resulting in an increase of power from 26 to 40. However, this increase has also resulted in a lower clip capacity in order to hold the higher caliber bullets.

Submachine Gun

The Submachine Gun has been added to the inventory to satisfy the need for a conventional weapon for close range fighting that is more powerful than the Rifle and less cumbersome than the Auto Cannon. Although its ammo possesses the same power as the Rifle, the SMG can fire 5 round bursts with accuracy excelling any other weapon on the inventory. Its main drawback is the time required to fire the weapon (60% TUs) which restricts its user mobility after firing.

Incendiary Grenade

The IN grenade uses white phosphorus to set ablaze the area where it hits. Caution must be required when using this grenade since its power (65) is bigger than the conventional grenades.

Smoke Rocket

This rocket has been added to increase the Rocket Launcher's versability. It can be used to cheaply and quickly create smoke clouds to mask large areas of the battlefield.


The knife provides a cheap close combat weapon. Relatively fast and powerful, it's usually carried as a last resort for regular troops, or as a secondary weapon for scouts armed with pistols. When being used it limits the ability to throw grenades, which is mainly why is not generally seen in combat unless explosives are not to be used.

Nevertheless, it's an excellent choice in fortified sceneries, where grenade use is greatly limited.

Heavy Cannon

The heavy cannon has always been one of the last resorts, when standard rifles or submachine guns didn't do the trick. The stats of this gun couldn't be improved any further. As for the ammo, the damage-factor was increased for HE- (60) and AP-ammunition (72), however in order to do so, the Incendiary ammunition has does only 52 damage, instead of originally 60.

Auto Cannon

The auto cannon is kind of a crossover between heavy cannon and submachine gun. More rounds than the heavy cannon, but less damage inflicted on the target. The most important thing first: The new version has no aimed shot any more. We figured, that this is one of the functions rarely used on the battle field. The auto-shot also takes 2% more TUs, than before. On the other hand, the damage capacity of the ammunition could be increased for AP (52), HE (48) and IN-ammunition (44) all together. Central command believes this to be a good compromise.


Standard-issue grenades didn't get the job done, any more, when we faced Mutons for the first time. The damage was increased to 70. They now are as lethal as the proximity grenades.

Laser pistol

The first really new weaponry, solely designed by earths scientists and engineers. The new version is pretty much unchanged in comparison with the first prototypes. Only the auto-fire has gotten a little faster (24% TUs).

Laser rifle

This device is based on the experiences with the laser pistol. Latest changes made it a little more time consuming with auto-shot (36) and aimed shot (60), in order to save some money. War is expensive...

Heavy Laser

The heavy Laser, a new type of weapon developed by earth, is the apex of purely human ingenuity. The former version had a little lesser accuracy than now (snap 50 and aimed 84), but a little more fire power (75 now). We managed to get it a little more efficient aiming system, so the aimed shot now only uses 66% of TUs. So a soldier can now fire two shots in one round, provided, he does nothing else than shooting during that round.

Heavy Plasma

Aside from the blaster, this is the paramount weapon of the aliens. We removed the auto-feature, as it was far to unreliable, resulting in casualties by friendly fire. The aimed shot now takes less time (55), giving soldiers more opportunities to properly aim with that thing.