Multiworm Egg (Apocalypse)

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Multiworm Egg
Multiworm Egg (Alive).jpg

The gestation period for a Multiworm is approximately two days. During this time the egg will protect itself with a weapon that launches a fluid containing micro-organisms. These organisms consist of various types, some containing acids designed to erode metallic compounds and others containing unusual enzymes that rapidly break down organic matter. Fortunately the range of this weapon is limited. The Alien embryos are not sufficiently advanced to be susceptible to Psionic attacks.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Multiworm Egg Autopsy
Multiworm Egg Autopsy.jpg

A large worm-like creature quickly develops inside the protective skin of the Alien egg. This worm appears to contain the embryos of a further four life forms. We cannot tell how the next stage in the life cycle develops from the autopsy results, but the tissues will be useful for our toxicology research.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Multiworm Egg
Time Units 30-34
Health 80-92
Stamina 40-46
Reactions 24-27
Strength 10
Bravery 0
Psi Energy 0
Psi Attack 0
Psi Defense 100
Accuracy 60-67
Hidden Attributes
Head Armor 5-8
Torso Armor 5-8
Arm Armor 5-8
Leg Armor 5-8
Score 4
Size X 18
Size Y 10
Other information
Damage Modifier Group Alien Egg
Inventory no
Innate Weapon Vomit Funnel
Unique Attributes immobile

The Multiworm Egg, also called the Alien Egg, is the first step of the Multiworm life cycle. They are immobile pink sacs with a tube that spits acid at nearby enemy targets.

Eggs can be found aboard Transporters and will regurarly be deployed during infiltration missions. A number of them are also found near the Queenspawn in the Spawning Chamber.

Despite being immobile in Battlescape, Multiworm Eggs are capable of moving from one Mega-Primus building to another. The presence of an Egg will not cause an Organization's infiltration meter to rise, though this will of course change once the Egg develops into a Multiworm. Note that a building investigation will fail to find anything if the only present aliens are Multiworm Eggs and/or Chrysalides.

Tactical Notes

Multiworm Eggs are not particularly tough, but will defend themselves with a short-ranged spit attack. While their attack has a higher rate of fire than the Spitter's, it is fairly weak and will require many hits to kill an armored X-COM Agent.

Subduing the Eggs is not necessary; simply leaving them alone will result in their automatic live capture once all mobile aliens are subdued.

Unless ordered to hold their fire, X-COM Agents will automatically fire at Eggs like they would at any other alien. This can potentially waste ammunition, and stray shots may damage the building they're in (angering the owning Organization), or even hit other X-COM Agents in the vicinity. However, if engaged from a safe distance, Eggs also offer a safe way for X-COM Agents to improve their stats. Destroying any Eggs within reach is prudent if X-COM decides to retreat from a mission, in order to prevent them from developing into more dangerous aliens.

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