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General Information

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Official Entry: " The first wave of Alien incursions resulted in many genetic experiments involving crossbreeding humans and the Alien species known as Sectoids. These hybrids have survived in human society, but they have been denied the right to procreate within the city. They also suffer discrimination in employment and education. Although they are genetically almost identical to humans, they retain some Alien facial characteristics and are renowned (and distrusted) for their Psionic abilities. Hybrids Psionic abilities may well prove useful to X-COM in the war against the Aliens. The Mutant Alliance is active in city politics and promotes the concerns of the hybrid community."

Cityscape Information

  • Hybrid recruits will only be available for hire if the Mutant Alliance's relations towards X-COM are 0 or above. Being "neutral towards X-COM" may not be enough ("neutral" means relations are between -24 and 24).
    • On Superhuman difficulty, there is a chance that the Mutant Alliance's relations towards X-COM will start out slightly negative, making Hybrids unavailable for hire at the start of the game.
  • Saving the Sectoids in the Food Chamber mission will give a massive boost to relations between X-COM and the Mutant Alliance. Furthermore, the Alliance will become hostile to the Aliens if it wasn't already.
  • The Mutant Alliance is resistant to Alien Infiltration; it will progress at half the normal speed.

Buildings Owned

Initial Attitude

Friendly/Allied To

Unfriendly/Hostile To

Battlescape Information

For more information, see Raid Loot Tables.

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