Muton (Bureau)

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A massive, ape-like alien, this is the most fearsome iteration of the Muton race. They wield heavy armor plating, laser shotguns, and a powerful "Stomp" melee attack (though it's more of a Bakuenjin[1] style ground-punch). And then you meet the Elites...

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Autopsy Report: Muton

Weighing over a quarter-ton, these walking tanks are either a product of extreme physical mutations or countless generations of eugenic breeding. Dubbed “Mutons,” these devastating enemies are heavily armored and equipped with scatter lasers. Agents are advised to keep their distance and focus fire on a single target to penetrate the creature’s defenses.

Mutons’ impressive physiology is further augmented by an array of implants, but these do not include the same neural relays found in Outsiders. With neither the hierarchical communication of the Outsiders nor the coerced submission of the Sectoids, it appears that Mutons are engaged as mercenaries in the enemy’s forces. But without an understanding of their payment or motivations, humanity has little chance of being able to employ these powerful forces or sway their loyalty.