Needle Grenade (EU2012)

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Needle Grenade

A variant on the Frag Grenade, this weapon does equivalent damage over a much larger area but the projectiles cannot damage cover. Thus units in cover related to the center of the blast area will be unaffected.

  • Increased blast radius compared to standard frag grenade
  • Like frag grenade gives 3 base explosive damage to units in radius
  • Units in cover relative to center of blast radius will not take damage


Research Required Chryssalid Autopsy
Base Costs §40
5 Alloys
2 Chryssalid Corpses
7 Engineers
Abilities/Stats See Description
  • The blast will not destroy cover or terrain.
    • So, feel free to fling these around inside a UFO without worry of destroying precious Power Sources or Nav Computers.
  • The blast radius is about 2 to 2.5 times the size of a normal grenade, and about the same size or slightly larger than a Danger Zone rocket.
  • Think carefully about producing these. Chryssalid corpses are fairly rare and difficult to acquire, and also necessary for Chitin Plating.

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