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The news ticker on the Situation Room will display news headlines from around the globe according to Storyline progression, panic levels and missions performed by XCOM.

Worldwide (Storyline)


  • World leaders express confidence about alien threat, but is it bluster?
  • Global equity markets plunge as invaders disrupt business throughout the world
  • Price of gold hits all-time high
  • Defense agencies worldwide dust off the plans they never thought they'd need
  • Rioting and religious frenzy follow in invaders' wake
  • Firearms manufacturers predict record earnings as alien attack boosts sales
  • UFO skeptics now forced to face reality of alien presence on Earth
  • Media networks across the globe scramble to acquire coveted footage of live alien
  • Scientists question whether world governments have concealed efforts at diplomatic relations with aliens
  • No longer alone: Documentary claims to have "exclusive" information on aliens' intentions for Earth
  • Economist says future markets unpredictable if major technology firms acquire access to alien technology

Act 1

  • Researchers report no clear connection between ongoing reports of "unusual lights" sighted throughout the world
  • Mysterious objects seen falling to Earth have so far not been identified
  • Little response from world governments despite reported 'alien phenomena' across the globe
  • Drastic increase in reported UFO sightings leaves experts baffled
  • Strange objects strike several major cities as government officials look for the source
  • Top headlines fixate on widespread reports of "alien" attacks striking cities around the globe
  • UFO enthusiasts around the world feel sense of vindication following appearance of aliens
  • World awaits statements from leading religious bodies following alien sightings
  • Experts debate as early indications show objects from space are "alien" in origin
  • Alien sightings shock world population as reports continue to climb

Act 2

  • Escalation of alien activity across the globe leaves many wondering what motivated these unprovoked attacks
  • Hostile aliens terrorize world's population as governments scramble to respond
  • Cities across the globe struggle to deal with casualties and property damage caused by ongoing alien attacks
  • Activists in some nations believe government cover-up regarding sudden arrival of aggressive aliens; rumors fly of previous contact
  • Some communities band together for support in light of ongoing alien attacks
  • Families of those abducted by aliens seek answers from government leaders
  • Skeptics continue to question disappearance of alien bodies following alleged military engagements
  • Infrastructure crisis: Cities vie for limited resources as rush on building materials slows repairs to damaged roadways and other transportation networks
  • Reports continue to indicate rogue military organization of unknown origin attacking aliens at sites throughout the world
  • Rival political and ideological groups are now placing the blame for alien hostility on each other

Act 3

  • World leaders offer no unified statement as alien hostilities escalate into outright war in many areas
  • Rise of 'anti-alien' militias across the globe brings fear of government collapse in several nations
  • Alien attacks continue to escalate in nearly all parts of the world, leaving citizens of Earth to wonder what lies ahead
  • Death toll in alien attacks across the world still unknown; estimated to be in the "thousands" by some experts
  • Underdeveloped nations around the world plead with UN for support against alien threat
  • Brutality of alien attacks on civilian targets shocks the world
  • Food shortages reported in a number of countries as infrastructure damage slows supply chain
  • Accusations fly as international leaders imply possible coercion between government officials and aliens
  • Little progress seen in slowing progression of alien attacks despite eyewitness accounts of military engagements
  • Some now believe alien conquest of Earth is at hand; Advocate for peaceful acceptance

Specific Events

  • Reports indicate unidentified object shot down after prolonged aerial battle with unknown fighter craft
  • Witness claims to have seen unidentified military operatives capturing hostile alien alive, raising specter of government involvement
  • Independent researchers claim to have intercepted unusual signals being directed at Earth-based radar arrays
  • Clandestine raid on mysterious complex purportedly tied to alien invasion of Earth
  • Eyewitness reports claim to have seen human soldier using 'otherworldly' abilities in fight against hostile aliens
  • Daring assault by unknown military forces on office complex in *country* leaves questions as to building's occupants.

North America


USA level 1

  • Rumors of alien activity near New York City have been met with skepticism from the general public
  • Residents of Los Angeles claim to have seen unusual lights near the downtown area...officials blame unspecified weather phenomena
  • Claims of an "alien creature" prowling the streets near the Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit are laughed off by local residents
  • Baltimore man claims to have shot "alien": police believe the incident may have been drug related
  • Business as usual in the southern United States despite claims of alien sightings near several major cities

USA level 2 and 3

  • National News Radio reports on an upswing in membership of armed militia groups in the Midwestern United States attributed to frequent alien sightings
  • Brazen alien abduction in California caught on video; concern grows over validity of alien reports
  • New Yorkers weary after repeated alien sightings in Manhattan; some claim government conspiracy
  • Colorado man claims aliens have settled in the Great Sand Dunes and are attempting to colonize Earth: local residents report unusual sightings
  • News helicopter crashes outside of Boston: eyewitness accounts claim "alien" weapons fire
  • Concern grows after notable political figure claims to have direct knowledge of alien attack near Houston
  • Ongoing reports of alien activity across the United States raises concerns among once skeptical populace

USA level 4

  • Religious leaders across America warn that the presence of aliens is a sign of dire times to come
  • As reports of alien activity in the eastern United States continue to climb, some people have taken to stockpiling food and other supplies
  • Unknown number of fatalities after alien attack strikes southern California; officials have not released a statement
  • Allegations of government coercion with the aliens as American presidential candidates blame various sources for growing crisis
  • Armed troops seen patrolling near the U.S. Capitol raise concern over safety of major cities

USA level 5

  • National Guard troops have taken up positions around government facilities across the United States as "alien war" escalates
  • Looting reported across the United States as many citizens give up hope for defeat of alien invasion
  • National Center for Health reports alarming increase in suicides as alien attacks continue unabated
  • World economy grinds to a halt as many U.S. businesses close due to lack of employee attendance
  • Coalition of U.S. governors demands aggressive response from feds as nation appears to be on the brink of shutdown


Canada level 1

  • An alien was sighted near a small town north of Montreal this morning...skeptics question authenticity of the account
  • Excited tourists visiting the CN Tower claim to have seen mysterious lights hovering over the Toronto area
  • Police cite lack of evidence in investigation of "alien abduction" taking place near Niagara Falls
  • Alien phenomenon sweeps across Canada; Vancouverites welcome visitors with open arms
  • Enterprising businesses across Canada have taken to selling "UFO" merchandise in light of recent reports

Canada level 2-3

  • Restaurant patrons in downtown Edmonton report alien attack: several city blocks cordoned off by police
  • Toronto residents claim police and local government officials are ignoring alien threat within the city as panic spreads
  • Scientists deny that lights seen over northern Canada can be attributed to Aurora Borealis, citing multiple reports of other unusual activity
  • Petition to the mayor of Winnipeg demands more police coverage after residents claim woman was abducted in the city center
  • Missing persons reports across Canada continue to climb... government officials remain baffled
  • Pro-alien advocacy groups in Vancouver say reports of alien attacks on civilians are "exaggerated"
  • Growing concern across Canada as initial reports of "alien activity" now lead to claims of attempted abductions

Canada level 4

  • Unrest in Ottawa as several high profile alien abductions rattle the Canadian capital"
  • Economic forecast indicates reduction in Canadian industrial output due to increasing fears of impending alien attack
  • Leaked evidence suggests several provincial governments in Canada creating emergency plans due to alien activity
  • Anger over lack of local response to alien attacks leads to protests in downtown Toronto
  • Alien corpse discovered on Edmonton city street causes near-panic among local residents, threat can no longer be denied

Canada level 5

  • Authorities in Manitoba say aliens have killed dozens in an apparent attack aimed at intimidating government officials
  • Canadians hunker down as alien crisis reaches breaking point across North America
  • Many across Canada turn to religion as little hope remains for end to alien conflict
  • Electrical grid disruptions throughout Canada as a result of alien attacks on infrastructure
  • Leaked government communication indicates expected disruption to GPS and other satellites


Mexico level 1

  • Government officials in Mexico offer no official response to unsubstantiated reports of alien abductions taking place within the nation
  • Media reports of alien sightings in Mexico City are being heavily criticized by local officials as 'sensationalism'
  • Initial reports of alien abductions near Guadalajara brushed off by local law enforcement as "cartel infighting"
  • Trade groups reporting brisk business in Monterrey as UFO sightings draw tourists and local spectators alike
  • Crowds gather near Tijuana to view unusual lights seen flying erratically over the city

Mexico level 2-3

  • Growing concern across Mexico as the number of people reporting alien sightings rises
  • UFO sightings over Mexico City confirmed by pilots, anonymous military personnel; some residents alarmed by lack of government action
  • Opposition party in Mexico claims president has failed to properly address growing threat of alien attacks across the nation
  • Tijuana businesses report rapid decline as tourists stay home due to fear of ongoing alien attacks
  • Mexican military forced to shift priorities as reports of alien attacks across the country spur demands for increased security
  • Talk shows across Mexico inundated with requests for frank discussions on the scope of alien threat spreading across the country
  • Port operations in Veracruz disrupted as workers demand assurances of protection against alien attackers

Mexico level 4

  • Mexican President defends administration's response to alien crisis; opinion polls show little confidence
  • News media across Mexico thrives on talk of alien abductions as general public grows increasingly concerned
  • Crossings at Mexican border stations slow as both sides struggle to deal with increasingly visible alien attacks
  • Economists forecast lower than usual exports from Mexico as supply chain disruptions emerge as a result of alien attacks
  • Residents of Mexico City find little solace in police promises to secure city streets from alien attackers

Mexico level 5

  • Mexico reports large-scale immigration as migrant workers choose to return home rather than risk involvement in alien conflict
  • Government offices across Mexico are vandalized as public shows little confidence in official response to deadly alien attacks
  • Demand for vehicles and fuel declines rapidly in Mexico as residents refuse to travel for fear being attacked by aliens
  • Residents of Mexico City seen boarding up windows, securing structures as ongoing alien conflict reaches tipping point
  • Absenteeism in Mexican public schools reportedly over 80% as parents refuse to risk sending children in light of brutal alien attacks

South America


Argentina level 1

  • Villagers of a small settlement in the Andes claim an alien entered their village at night; no evidence has been found
  • Fans refused to leave the stadium after a football match between rival Argentinean teams was briefly interrupted by hovering lights in the sky
  • Security guard in Buenos Aires claims 'alien life form' attempted to kidnap him... police continue to investigate
  • Continued sightings of unusual lights across the South American continent cause stir...residents report on best viewing locations
  • Police refuse to accept continued reports of alien activity, blame unemployed teenagers for 'prank calls'

Argentina level 2-3

  • Police in Argentina report apprehending suspect in 'alien' attack...some residents remain skeptical of police account
  • Police investigate site of alleged abduction in Buenos Aires as residents demand more protection from alien threat
  • Manhunt in La Plata underway after residents report alien attack kills three, mob demands justice
  • Supporters of alien-peace movement cry injustice as mobs form to defend local residents from 'alien aggression'
  • Alien sightings skyrocket across South America as local governments struggle to address public concern
  • Increasing number of alien abductions reported across Argentina as residents demand official response from government leaders
  • Despite assurances of increased police patrols, residents of Rosario grow increasingly weary of alien attacks on civilians

Argentina level 4

  • Armed forces in Argentina claim to have killed an alien during abduction attempt; citizens being urged to respect local curfews
  • Residents of Mendoza, Argentina are being urged to remain indoors and ration available supplies until alien threat has been reduced
  • South American nations are on high alert after a recent upswing in violent attacks leaves no doubt as to the extent of alien activity on Earth
  • Major grocers report shortages of non-perishable goods as fear grows that alien threat may be ongoing
  • Villagers from several remote South American towns fearful of alien abductions taking place 'unchecked.'

Argentina level 5

  • Death toll continues to climb as untold numbers are killed in brazen alien attack on Argentinean capital
  • Economic turmoil across South America as supplies run short due to stockpiling
  • Requests for government aid have been largely ignored as officials struggle to deal with growing over alien attacks
  • Fear grows throughout South American nations with no apparent end in sight after continuous alien attacks
  • Some residents of Argentina have begun informal ceremonies pleading with the aliens for mercy


Brazil level 1

  • Beach goers in Rio de Janeiro claim to have seen unusual lights on the horizon: local police blame excessive alcohol consumption
  • Police in the capital city of Brasilia are responding to multiple reports of an "alien creature" found in an outlying district
  • Eyewitness in central Brazil claims she was abducted by aliens but escaped; neighbors believe history of mental problems are behind the account
  • Local residents of Santa Cruz clamor to catch a glimpse of purported alien corpse found washed up along the Atlantic coast
  • Brazilian officials offer no response to increasing reports of alien UFOs streaking across the night sky

Brazil level 2-3

  • Rumors persist that missing Brazilian politician was abducted by aliens...some residents spooked by lack of official response
  • Overnight reports of missing persons in Sao Paulo double; growing unrest over unknown source of abductions
  • Citizens of several small towns across Brazil create self-imposed curfew in attempt to reduce over alien activity
  • South American leaders issue joint statement condemning media reports they blame for fueling 'alien panic.'
  • Vocal politician in Brazil says citizens should prepare for "disruptions" caused by alien attacks, spreading fear among many in the nation
  • Reports of Brazilian military mobilizing near government buildings raises specter of legitimate alien attack
  • Researchers in Brazil studying unusual lights over Sao Paolo say government explanations not plausible as citizens grow concerned

Brazil level 4

  • Death toll from alien attack near Sao Paolo continues to climb as emergency personnel attempt to rescue victims
  • Brazilian politician issues statement blasting scientific institutions who claimed alien attacks were simply 'weather related phenomena.'
  • Economists report revised economic growth outlook for Brazil must take into account disruptive alien activity
  • Tourism down heavily as most choose to stay home rather than risk alien attacks during summer vacation period
  • Reports of cartels across South America attempting to cooperate with the aliens are 'disturbing' says anonymous government official

Brazil level 5

  • As fear spreads, many Brazilians turn to religion for answers
  • Government officials across South America urge residents to band together, protect communities from alien aggression
  • Crime skyrockets throughout Brazil as unsavory elements take advantage of overwhelmed police
  • Unseemly merchants prey on resident's fears in Brazil, begin selling 'anti-alien' technology which scientists call 'nonsense'
  • Controversy spreads as insurance companies in South America refuse to payout for damages sustained in alien attacks



Egypt level 1

  • Government officials in Egypt claim continued reports of alien abductions are distracting from legitimate domestic concerns
  • Brightly colored lights seen over Cairo are believed to be the result of low flying aircraft, not aliens as originally reported
  • Reports from North Africa indicate the disappearance of large numbers of livestock; local opinion is split as to the cause
  • Police in Alexandria say residents are using claims of "alien activity" to cover for local troublemakers
  • Egyptian president urges calm despite increasing number of alien sightings; general public still weary

Egypt level 2-3

  • Attack on military officers stationed in Alexandria raises specter of legitimate alien invasion
  • Alien sightings near the Great Pyramid bring renewed interest in theories surrounding alien involvement in their construction
  • Egyptian newspaper claims 'inside story' on alien plot to colonize Earth, public reaction mixed
  • Locals shocked by disappearances throughout South Africa as belief in possible alien threat grows
  • Egyptian authorities urge calm as continual reports of alien sightings causes stir across the nation
  • Unusual aircraft spotted hovering near Cairo caught on film; experts baffled as to unknown origin
  • Local resident in Luxor claims to have seen aliens abducting neighbors; local police are investigating

Egypt level 4

  • Egyptians defy risks of further attacks to protest against lack of government response
  • Rumors of a conspiracy involving government collaboration with the aliens spread across Africa as fear grows
  • Food shortages continue to climb throughout the African Union as fear of ongoing alien conflict rises
  • Operations at the Suez port disrupted by absentee laborers as alien attacks strike fear in Egypt
  • Egyptian authorities attempt to appease concerns over alien attacks as public outcry grows

Egypt level 5

  • Reports of aliens killed in Egypt provide little hope that invasion will end anytime soon
  • Egyptians find little solace in government claims of reduced alien threat
  • Media speculation indicates death toll across the African subcontinent could be in the hundreds as aliens attack indiscriminately
  • Police in Cairo nowhere to be found as public outcry over alien attacks grows increasingly volatile
  • Businesses close across Alexandria as aliens meet little resistance in attacks on the city

South Africa

South Africa level 1

  • South African officials urge calm and restraint after groups purportedly go in search of 'alien' attackers
  • Police spokesperson in Cape Town refutes early reports of an alien abduction within the city limits, cites lack of evidence
  • Pilot approaching the OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg reports UFO sighting; passengers provide differing accounts
  • South African officials warn residents against filing "false" police reports involving alien activity
  • Residents of Durban dismiss claims by some that strange lights are actually "alien craft" moving through the night sky

South Africa level 2-3

  • South African officials urge calm and restraint after groups purportedly go in search of 'alien' attackers
  • Unconfirmed reports this morning that dozens are missing across Johannesburg causes public outcry for police support
  • South African man claiming to have been abducted by aliens finds increasingly receptive supporters through the nation
  • Residents of Soweto report late-night flyovers by mysterious craft moving at a high rate of speed
  • No official confirmation from police forces in Durban after leaked memo indicates "alien" task force being assembled
  • Alarming number of mysterious disappearances in Cape Town puts residents on edge
  • Massive building fire in downtown Johannesburg attributed to alien attack, increasing panic in the region

South Africa level 4

  • Local police in Cape Town blame rash of burglaries on fear of alien invasion"
  • Ongoing reports of armed civilians attempting to repel aliens in South Africa are dismissed by government officials as 'irresponsible'
  • African Union chairperson requests special session to address public outcry over alien attacks taking place across the continent
  • Media reports indicate increasing number of alien attacks across Johannesburg as residents grow increasingly fearful
  • South Africans gripped with fear as alien attacks spread across the country unopposed

South Africa level 5

  • Refugees flood less affected areas as alien conflict escalates into 'war'
  • South Africans plead for assistance as fear grips the nation
  • Reduced foreign aid during alien conflict compounds death toll from alien attacks across Africa
  • Residents in Johannesburg seen carrying weapons and other materials during everyday activities as fear of alien attacks grows unchecked
  • South African government offers small subsidies to those whose homes were destroyed by aliens; Offer does little to appease public concern as attacks continue


Nigeria level 1

  • Foreign journalists report that claims of local villagers capturing an "alien" are without merit
  • Increasingly common reports of alien abductions within Nigeria are met with skepticism by much of the local population
  • Unusual activity outside the Nigerian capital of Abuja has been blamed on migratory birds, negating rumors of alien activity
  • Government of Nigeria reportedly disrupts smuggling operation dealing in fake "alien" body parts, increasing public skepticism of sightings
  • Residents of Benin City believe oddly moving lights are tied to secret government program; no official response from government representatives

Nigeria level 2-3

  • Frequency of unusual lights over Nigerian villages continues to climb; residents have varying theories as to the cause
  • Three confirmed dead in small African village after "energy weapon" strikes house
  • Merchants in Nigeria profit from growing alien concern as demand for emergency supplies and weapons grows
  • Nigeria struggles to contain growing unrest as reports of alien sightings and attacks continue to climb
  • Laborers in Port Harcourt demand action as witnesses claim aliens have repeatedly scouted local industrial district
  • Unconfirmed reports of Nigerian village welcoming aliens onto their land draws ire of government officials
  • Brazen abduction attempt in Lagos, Nigeria spreads panic throughout the city

Nigeria level 4

  • Economy suffers as oil exports in Nigeria are slowed by infrastructure damage sustained during alien attacks
  • Nigerian president requests additional foreign aid to deal with aftermath of alien incursions
  • Sporadic reports of Nigerians fleeing Lagos in hopes of escaping alien attacks
  • Strange behavior seen in annual migration patterns of animals across Africa; some scientists blame UFO activity
  • Residents of Kano, Nigeria say government forces have done nothing to slow progression of alien attacks in the state

Nigeria level 5

  • Nigerian government reports troops lost in attempt to resist alien assault near the capital
  • African nations especially hard-hit after aliens destroy pipelines and other key infrastructure across the continent
  • High ranking official in Nigeria says nation faces 'insurmountable' odds in deterring alien attacks; public confidence shaken
  • Economic activity in Port Harcourt effectively cut off as laborers refuse to report in following increased alien attacks in the region
  • Residents in the central Nigerian city of Zaria shelter in their homes as government forces prove too little to slow threat of alien attacks



UK level 1

  • Widely reported alien sightings across the UK are being largely ignored by the general public
  • Tabloid publishers are reporting record sales as alien sightings across the UK spur renewed interest in alien lore
  • Polls indicate little concern among general public despite increased reports of "alien activity" taking place around the UK
  • Royal Astronomical Society says recent sightings of unusual lights can be attributed to large solar flare
  • Footballer in London claims he was blinded by "alien" lights during regional match... police blame unruly elements in the crowd

UK level 2-3

  • Unknown craft spotted near Birmingham, widespread concern over threat of 'alien invasion'
  • Attack in central Glasgow kills two, citizens adamant that 'alien' was involved
  • Residents in England refuse to accept police statement claiming no evidence of alien activity caught on CCTV surveillance network
  • Grocers across the UK report an uptick in sales of non-perishable goods as some prepare for possible emergency due to alien attacks
  • Belfast police investigating report of mob attack on alleged alien found on city street
  • British Prime Minister insists that initial reports of alien attacks have been "blown out of proportion" and the nation remains secure
  • Citizens of the UK come to terms with possibility that shocking alien attacks are legitimate

UK level 4

  • Recent increase in crime across the UK attributed to alien attacks; residents fear escalating crisis
  • Heathrow reports heavy delays as airlines cancel flights due to risk of UFO attacks
  • Rogue politician in the UK suggests alien attacks may actually be 'domestic terrorism;' little public support as claims deemed ridiculous
  • Manchester police reportedly engage with alien attacks near town hall; multiple casualties reported
  • Edinburgh Tourist Boards reports major decline in international visitors as alien attacks strike UK

UK level 5

  • British government urges citizens to remain calm and vigilant, encourages community outreach to support neighbors in light of growing fear
  • Violence erupts in Berlin as opposing factions clash over true motivation of alien attacks on Germany
  • Rioting in the UK fueled by accusations of favoritism in selection of locales protected by military forces
  • British tabloids turn to legitimate news as public grows disinterested in 'fluff' during time of crisis
  • Perishable goods in short supply across England as residents turn to hoarding in face of unending alien attacks


Russia level 1

  • Photos of mysterious lights over Moscow flood social networks; skeptics remain unconvinced of alien activity
  • Russian authorities say all claims of alien activity within the country are the result of political opposition's scare tactics
  • Citizens in Omsk say vagrants are behind recent rash of "alien abductions" taking place within the city
  • Russian pop singer offers to allow aliens "to abduct her"... no response from the alleged alien invaders
  • Strange activity reported in Saint Petersburg has been attributed to local criminal elements, dismissing claims of "alien" involvement

Russia level 2-3

  • Fear of possible alien activity across Russia grows as new reports surface of possible attacks and/or abductions
  • Miners in northern Russia say aliens have entered processing facilities at night; claim to have proof of incursions
  • Residents in Omsk question government promises to fully investigate all reports of alien activity in the area
  • Russian officials continue to deny reports of alien attacks despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary
  • Moscow residents on edge after continual reports of alien attacks near the city flood media outlets
  • Tanks and other heavy equipment seen taking up positions near major Russian population centers as alien threat increases
  • Russian fighter jet reportedly shot down over remote airspace; no official confirmation from government officials at this time

Russia level 4

  • Russian oil tycoon claims to have been contacted by aliens, spurring fears of collaborators on Earth assisting in invasion
  • Civil unrest in Moscow as residents demand protection from aliens; police clash with protesters
  • Russian KHL temporarily suspends scheduled games until alien crisis is 'averted'; decline in attendance seen as governing factor
  • Russian President assures citizens that any alien aggression will be met with harshest response; polls indicate little confidence in government forces
  • Residents of Irkutsk, Russia report increasingly common sightings of alien creatures near major manufacturing center

Russia level 5

  • Aliens terrorize major Russian cities with bold attacks; residents fear the worst
  • Russians look for some glimpse of hope, but find little to inspire trust in government moves to counter aliens
  • Residents of Kazan, Russia awoken by massive alien attack as fear runs deep throughout the region
  • Religious leaders across Russia hold meeting to discuss impact of aliens' arrival on doctrine as populace grows increasingly skeptical
  • Local media is reporting on a growing movement across Russia that desires peace with the aliens; Followers willing to make 'concessions' to alien invaders


France level 1

  • Purported alien abduction attempt near the Eiffel Tower shrugged off by local residents...speculation of a hoax is rampant
  • Little public response in Paris as citizens claiming to have seen alien lifeforms are deemed "unstable" by media pundits
  • Experts in France claim unusual lights in the sky are naturally occurring phenomena
  • Tourist claims of having seen "alien abduction" near famed Palace of Versailles laughed off by local residents
  • Residents claim to have seen oddly shaped aircraft hovering near the central square of Lyons

France level 2-3

  • French tourist office reports decline in new arrivals following an increase in reported alien activity across the country
  • News investigation in France reveals dozens of residents recently disappeared, well-beyond typical incidents reported to police
  • Police in Paris overwhelmed by reports of aliens moving through city streets uncontested
  • Authorities express disapproval after French industrialist offers substantial reward for retrieval of "alien" corpse
  • Residents of Toulouse say aliens are moving throughout the city unchallenged as local authorities offer little response
  • French media outlets overwhelmed by eyewitness accounts of apparent alien attack outside of Nice
  • Government officials urge Parisians to reconsider public gatherings in light of ongoing alien threat in the city

France level 4

  • Absenteeism grows in France as some refuse to attend work for fear of alien attacks
  • As reported alien attacks rise, tourism in Paris declines; some local businesses shuttered as a result
  • Local shops near Lyon accused of price gouging as residents begin hoarding perishable goods
  • Rumors of vigilantism spread across France as civilians defy warnings in futile attempt to stop alien attacks
  • French President makes tacit admission that aliens have attacked the nation; citizens grow increasingly concerned

France level 5

  • Stores in France were mobbed today as outright panic leads to a rush on available goods
  • French officials now providing emergency supplies to areas heavily damaged by alien assault
  • Air raid sirens ring out across France as government warns citizens to avoid all unnecessary travel as alien 'war' continues
  • Businesses shuttered in French tourist centers due to shut down of major transportation networks
  • Hundreds reported missing across Paris as alien attacks escalate into full blown invasion; residents have little hope of reprieve


Germany level 1

  • Peaceful protests in Berlin take place as some believe the government should welcome the "aliens" in peace
  • Small but vocal minority continues to warn the European populace of alien activity; polls indicate little concern from the general public
  • Witnesses accounts of strange lights hovering near the Black Forest are reportedly viewed as "unreliable" by German authorities
  • Hamburg police report uptick in claimed alien sightings across the city but show little concern for alleged incidents
  • Purported abduction attempt near Stuttgart is said to be "a complete hoax" by local police chief

Germany level 2-3

  • Journalist in Hamburg reports undeniable evidence of citizens killed by aliens in the city
  • Revelers in Munich claim alien abduction took place in public view as local businesses feel negative effects
  • German military seen transferring vehicles to positions near government buildings in Berlin as alien threat grows
  • German Chancellor urges calm as concern grows over alien attacks throughout the world
  • Alien sightings throughout downtown Frankfurt send locals and tourists running scared
  • German political party advocating "peace talks" with alien invaders finds little support among general public
  • Police in Hanover say evidence is lacking in case of reported alien abduction on city street

Germany level 4

  • Seemingly random alien attack on small German town leaves at least seven dead; local residents in shock
  • German chancellor faces harsh criticism as alien attacks on civilians continue across the country
  • Latest alien assault near Hamburg sparks fear across the nation as aliens engage in open attacks
  • Germany military seen massing forces near Munich, sparking fear of impending alien attacks
  • Alien abductions in Cologne spread panic across the region as local residents grow fearful

Germany level 5

  • German officials announce measure to close borders in an attempt to reduce infrastructure demands as aliens target civilians
  • Police in many small German towns no longer responding to reports of minor crime due to overwhelming threat of alien attacks
  • Devastation in Leipzig as early reports indicate mass casualties in latest alien attacks; local residents now living in 'constant fear'
  • Food shortages reported across Germany as vicious cycle forms; Shops close due to lack of business, while citizens starve due to lack of income
  • Fighting erupts in parts of Southeastern Germany as some civilians attempt to fight aliens themselves in last ditch effort to protect homes



China level 1

  • Official Chinese media outlets report that alien sightings and other unusual activity are the work of "subversive elements"
  • Rumors of alien abductions taking place throughout Shanghai are being dismissed by local residents as a suspected viral marketing campaign
  • Local businesses in Beijing begin selling UFO merchandise in light of recent reports of alien sightings
  • Tourists enjoy unusual light show over Hong Kong as mysterious craft make low passes across the city
  • Chinese military official denies reports of "alien craft" violating China's airspace the past several nights

China level 2-3

  • Residents of Beijing say 'alien' attacks are taking place with regularity, but police continue to deny reports as 'unreliable.'
  • Activists in China say aliens are real and government officials should acknowledge their existence; no official response yet
  • Dock workers in Hong Kong claim to have seen aliens moving near the city's central port
  • State spokesman in China denies claims of alien attacks despite overwhelming evidence of intrusions in a number of cities
  • Growing outrage in Guangzhou has the number of report alien abductions continues to climb unabated
  • Rural Chinese village allegedly destroyed by alien attack as rescuers struggle to reach survivors
  • Military spokesman says jets seen patrolling near Shanghai were conducting "standard drills" with no connection to purported alien attacks

China level 4

  • Fear spreads throughout China as continued alien sightings are widely ignored by official government media outlets
  • Leaked reports indicate Chinese military firefight with aliens resulting in multiple fatalities; government denies engagement occurred
  • Alien attacks in Shenzhen send citizens running for cover as government officials continue to dismiss reports
  • Chinese GDP forecast predicts slowing growth as a result of labor and supply disruptions caused by alien attacks
  • Rumors of state collaboration with aliens sparks protests in some Chinese cities despite risks

China level 5

  • Chinese abandon metropolitan areas in hopes of finding sanctuary in rural communities despite widespread attacks
  • Displays of public opposition to government policies in China reach epic proportions as people fear outcome of alien conflict
  • Hundreds dead in Beijing: Alien attack topples large office complex as rescuers now attempt to recover survivors
  • Fear grips China as government response to alien attacks does little to appease civilian population
  • Hong Kong port activity at a standstill as workers refuse to continue moving cargo without 'effective' response to ongoing alien attacks


Japan level 1

  • Authorities in Japan are citing unusual atmospheric conditions as the cause of unexplained lights near several major cities
  • Alleged alien abduction in downtown Tokyo has been blamed on costumed anime enthusiasts
  • Residents of Osaka widely disregard claims of alien abductions reported near the city center
  • Air traffic controllers at the Narita International Airport offer conflicting reports of unidentified aircraft detected on regional ground radar
  • Some Japanese citizens urge vigilance despite public dismissal of claimed alien sightings

Japan level 2-3

  • Japanese financial markets continue to decline as debates on alien activity dominate news media throughout the country
  • Aliens become the new hot trend in Japanese entertainment media as sightings grow exponentially across the island nation
  • Japanese economists predict downturn in tourism industry following deluge of media coverage focused on alien activity on Earth
  • Residents of Osaka say alien attack leaves at least a dozen civilians dead as grips the city
  • Unknown craft seen hovering near Tokyo are now "undeniably" confirmed to be extraterrestrial in nature
  • In rare public statement, Emperor of Japan urges calm and cooperation in dealing with potential alien threat to the nation
  • Heavy damage reported after alleged "alien weapon" strikes downtown skyscraper in Tokyo

Japan level 4

  • Alien attack in Japanese Akihabara district leaves at least four dead, shuttering businesses and leaving local residents in shock
  • Social media in Japan overwhelmed by cell-phone videos of alien sightings as fear continues to spread
  • Residents of Osaka awoken by powerful blasts; specter of alien invasion weighs heavy on public opinion
  • Japanese government forces offer little reassurance to the general public as alien attacks spread across the nation
  • Reports indicate multiple casualties in alien attack on Tokyo; citizens grow increasingly concerned over lack of government response

Japan level 5

  • Residents of Tokyo left with little place to run after defense forces attempt to combat aliens within the city
  • Limited rations are available to residents of Japan as international shipping is widely disrupted by continued assault
  • Concern grows over the welfare of Japan's aging population as alien attacks reduce access to public services
  • Japanese opposition party accuses government leaders of failing to aggressively pursue response to alien attacks; Polls suggest public outrage growing
  • Rolling blackouts instituted across Japan as infrastructure suffers heavy damage following alien assault


India level 1

  • Residents of Mumbai stand by reports of an unknown "creature" lurking in the streets; so far no evidence has been presented
  • Indian newspaper exposé claiming new evidence of alien activity widely criticized by government officials as fraudulent
  • Bangalore police apprehend man selling tickets to view purportedly tamed "alien" housed within the city
  • Strange lights moving through the night sky over Kolkata spark rumors of alien invasion of Earth
  • Bollywood star says there is no merit to report that she was abducted by aliens while filming latest movie

India level 2-3

  • Government officials in Delhi deny reports of alien attacks despite growing numbers of eyewitness reports across the city
  • Some Indian villagers now believe the aliens were sent to Earth as a warning against current government policies
  • Witnesses claim Indian officials are ignoring widespread reports of alien abductions taking place in remote villages across the country
  • Citizens across central India demand greater government protection of mass transit in light of increasing alien attacks
  • Controversy erupts in Mumbai after local media reports imply government official in collusion with "alien invaders"
  • Minor disruptions reported in Indian commodity exports as alien phenomena dominates headlines
  • Flagrant alien attacks within the Indian capital city of Mumbai leave little doubt among residents that threat is real

India level 4

  • India's parliament condemns alien attacks, but declaration widely viewed as 'futile;' citizens demand more action
  • Residents of southern India say aliens have abducted multiple victims in small coastal villages
  • Brazen alien attack on civilians in Bangalore causes widespread across the Indian subcontinent
  • Members of Indian Parliament notably absent from recent session, increasing speculation of impending alien attacks
  • Bombay Stock Exchange declines after repeated alien attacks scare off investors

India level 5

  • Many Indians seen making unscheduled pilgrimages as faith in government resistance to aliens evaporates
  • Governments across Asia seek unified front against continued alien aggression; pundits believe efforts are 'too little, too late'
  • Ravaged neighborhoods in Delhi: Residents left with little after devastating alien attacks destroy hundreds of homes
  • Government officials in India offering limited food and water rations to those directly affected by alien attacks
  • Rogue Indian politician urges citizens to rise up against alien aggressors despite overwhelming dangers in facing powerful alien technology


Australia level 1

  • Australian Navy official denies media reports of a naval engagement with UFOs off the coast of Queensland
  • Sydney radio DJ sponsors "alien hunt" throughout the city after reported aliens found so far
  • Melbourne police deny reports that city officer was attacked by "alien" creature while on patrol
  • Australian Prime Minister offers no official statement on repeated sightings of strange lights over several major cities
  • Surfers in New South Wales say low flying aircraft have appeared along local beaches several nights in a row

Australia level 2-3

  • Citizens across Australia grow weary as reports of alien activity continue to climb unabated
  • Some businesses in Perth begin shortening hours as threat of alien attacks continues to grow
  • Outrage after lack of official response following blatant abduction attempt in Brisbane is attributed to aliens
  • Australian Parliament recalls members for closed door meeting; alien attacks presumably leading topic of debate
  • Major newspaper in Sydney claims to have undeniable evidence of alien life on Earth as fear among residents grows
  • Australian Navy seen conducting unusual patrols along the coast following sightings of "alien craft"
  • Panic spreads across Australia as once skeptical populace grows increasingly concerned over alien attacks"

Australia level 4

  • Australian Prime Minister issues public declaration urging citizens to exercise caution in light of undeniable alien threat
  • Local journalist in Melbourne posts photographic evidence of alien creature moving near city center, sparking fear in residents
  • Resorts across Australia report steep drop in tourism as fear of ongoing alien threat wards off potential visitors
  • Residents of Darwin, Australia bunker down after spate of alien attacks strike nearby territories
  • Fear grips Australia as government forces fail to slow increasingly powerful alien attacks across the nation

Australia level 5

  • Australians brace for more attacks as government forces are overwhelmed by advanced alien technology
  • Streets of Brisbane grow deserted as residents choose to stay home rather than risk falling victim to aliens
  • Protesters defy warnings of alien threat, march on central government buildings in Canberra to express disbelief in lack of military response
  • Some residents of major Australian cities fleeing to remote territories in hopes of avoiding further alien attacks
  • Growing concern among world leaders as alien attacks lead to massive economic slowdown in Australia; Ripple effect seen in neighboring countries

Country Withdrawals

  • Media outlets report strange behavior among government officials in *country name*
  • Photographer claims to have evidence of *country name* officials meeting with aliens
  • Unusual disruption of public services in *country name* raises concern over alien intervention in local government
  • Bizarre gaffe by leading *country name* official raises specter of alien involvement
  • Upsurge of reported abductions in *country name* leads to accusations of government collusion
  • Witness claims to have seen government forces in *country name* training with aliens
  • Protests spread throughout *country name* as citizens grow increasingly weary of government cooperation with alien forces
  • Local media outlets outraged over increasing censorship of government activities in *country name*
  • Independent claims of *country name* troops working in conjunction with aliens raise fears throughout the region"
  • United Nations issues statement condemning *country name* for allegedly providing material support to hostile aliens
  • Severed diplomatic ties with *country name* leads to growing concern that aliens have infiltrated governmental organizations
  • *country name* man claims to have seen alien envoy being ushered into government offices
  • *country name* official's press conference cut short after making several 'unusual' statements regarding alien cooperation
  • *country name* citizens grow weary after new revelations of government cooperation with the aliens
  • "Outrage grows as new reports from *country name* indicate government involvement in alien experiments
  • Accusations fly as official statements from *country name* government grow increasingly incoherent
  • "Political opposition in *country name* accuses majority party of contributing resources to alien attacks throughout the world
  • Shifting resource allocations by the *country name* government contributes to concern over collaboration with aliens
  • Diplomats report strange interactions with government officials from *country name*
  • Citizens of *country name* claim to have seen government forces kidnapping civilians - alien involvement is suspected

XCOM Missions



  • Daring intervention by unknown military forces in *country name* prevents alien abductions
  • Mysterious operatives intervene in *country name* abduction crisis, preventing further alien incursions
  • Eyewitness accounts of battle between unidentified military forces and hostile aliens in *country name* indicates efforts to stop abductions
  • Successful military incursion by unknown forces in *country name* stops alien abduction in progress
  • Local media report indicates aggressive military response to ongoing threat of alien abductions taking place in *country name*
  • Purported alien abduction in *country name* stopped by mysterious military operatives equipped with "advanced weaponry"


  • Attempted military strike in *country name* fails to stop alien abduction as local residents grow weary
  • Casualties reported after unknown troops suffer losses in engagement with alien abductors in *country name*
  • Witness says well-armed military forces engaged with aliens in *country name* but were unable to stop abduction attempt

With Gene Mods

  • Soldiers exhibiting unusual appearances and otherworldly abilities reportedly engage alien forces in *country name*
  • Eyewitness accounts in *country name* claim that soldiers featuring bizarre abilities have directly engaged with hostile aliens in the region
  • Rumors of human soldiers with strange physical characteristics fighting alien forces in *country name* are so far unsubstantiated
  • Human soldiers utilizing unexplained abilities against alien forces in *country name* draws attention of local populace
  • Soldiers wielding magic? Locals in *country name* claim to have seen human forces using powers "not of this world"

With MECs

  • Soldiers equipped with previously unknown mechanized weaponry confront alien forces in *country name*
  • Reports from *country name* indicate human military forces have engaged the aliens using some form of mechanized armor
  • Eyewitnesses in *country name* claim that human soldiers wearing mechanized armor have attacked alien forces in the region
  • Local government officials in *country name* have no comment on reports of mechanized infantry engaging alien forces
  • Onlookers stunned by what appeared to be mechanized body armor equipped by unknown military forces operating in *country name*

Terror Site


  • Military forces response aggressively to alien attacks taking place *country name*; alien forces reportedly turned back
  • Independent reports indicate multinational force of military personnel engaged and defeated hostile aliens in *country name*
  • Successful incursion by mysterious operatives in *country name* bolsters public confidence in government response to alien threat
  • Witnesses say unknown military force kills multiple hostile aliens in *country name*
  • Explosions heard near *country name* city center attributed to unknown "special forces" troops engaged with alien forces
  • Hostile alien forces engage in open warfare with unknown troops in *country name*; witnesses say human soldiers outfitted with unusual weapons and equipment


  • Human military forces killed in attempted attack on aliens moving through city streets in *country name*
  • Panic spreads in *country name* as unknown troops are attacked by aliens near heavily populated area
  • Eyewitness report indicates human soldiers defeated in attempted strike against alien targets moving in *country name*

Crashed UFO


  • Local residents report seeing unknown military forces approaching flaming wreckage of "downed UFO" in *country name*
  • Fire in the sky: residents of *country name* say UFO was shot down over rural area; military forces seen moving into the area in response
  • Sightings of advanced military airship approaching "crashed UFO" in rural *country name* spurs talk of government response"
  • Unknown military operatives reportedly engage hostile aliens at site of crashed UFO in *country name*
  • Burning UFO wreckage spotted by local residents in *country name*; Military forces reportedly engaged aliens at crash site
  • Reports of a firefight between unidentified soldiers and aliens at UFO crash site in *country name* brings hope of government response to threats


  • Military forces engaging hostile aliens at the site of downed UFO in *country name* reportedly defeated
  • Casualties reported after unknown troops attempt to engage alien forces near crashed UFO in *country name*
  • Local residents in *country name* say military incursion near downed UFO followed by explosions and heavy weapons fire

Landed UFO


  • UFO landing site in *country name* reportedly secured by military forces of unknown affiliation
  • Unknown military forces seen responding quickly to reports of UFO landing in rural *country name*
  • Witness claims UFO landing in *country name* was quickly secured by mysterious operatives equipped with advanced military equipment
  • Independent video footage shows unknown military forces engaging aliens at the site of UFO landing in *country name*
  • Soldiers seen attacking aliens at the site of landed UFO in *country name*, raising hopes of quick government response to alien threat
  • Heavily armed military forces seen converging on the site of reported UFO landing in *country name*


  • Reports out of *country name* indicate military forces suffering heavy casualties during engagement with aliens near UFO landing site
  • Unknown human forces battling aliens near alleged UFO landing site in *country name* are outgunned by hostile invaders
  • Panic spreads in rural *country name* after unknown military force suffers losses while fighting aliens at UFO landing site*

Council Missions

Asset Recovery


  • Battle with aliens near downed helicopter in *country* caught on camera
  • Mysterious container vessel in *country* seen transferring "advanced" materials to unknown military forces securing the area
  • Amateur video of shootout at local truck stop in *country* shows military forces wiping out group of hostile aliens
  • Soldiers retake *country* office complex from alien assailants
  • Local authorities report military firefight with aliens in *country* cemetery
  • Scientific facility in *country* site of nighttime assault; no clues as to facility's purpose


  • Several human soldiers killed after unexplained helicopter accident on *country* downtown freeway
  • Alien attack destroys *country* cargo container; several men killed in firefight.
  • Multiple soldiers killed during brazen attack at *country* truck stop
  • Reports of unidentified soldiers killed in skirmish with aliens at *country* office building
  • Aliens have upper hand in clash at cemetery in *country*
  • Aliens sighted exchanging fire with armed troops at *country* scientific facility; human forces retreat


  • Unconfirmed reports of a military-style helicopter crash on downtown *country* freeway
  • *country* ship seized by unknown assailants while maneuvering local waterway. Panic-stricken families receive no word on fate of sailors
  • Unknown truck blasts through *country* military checkpoint unscathed
  • Witnesses claim to have seen alien activity near *country* office complex downtown
  • Missing corpses in *country* cemetery prompt speculation about alien involvement
  • Scientific facility in *country* goes dark; alien infiltration suspected

Bomb Disposal


  • Hazmat lockdown in *country* cemetery as scientists examine site: officials say a specialized research unit is investigating
  • *country* railway cleared of hostile aliens by mysterious operatives of unknown military organization
  • Alien activity in *country* thwarted after daring assault by human military forces
  • Unidentified military forces stop alien attack on *country* transportation network
  • Military operatives stop alien attack on infrastructure in *country*


  • Reports indicate human casualties... possible explosive in fight with aliens at local *country* cemetery
  • Heavy casualties reported as soldiers fail to stop alien incursion at *country* railway station
  • Civilian casualties reported in *country* after alien assault rocks quiet neighborhood
  • Heavy casualties reported after soldiers fail to stop alien disruption of transportation network at *country* train yard
  • Human forces killed as aliens detonate explosive destroying major bridge in *country*.


  • Widespread devastation as alien weapon detonates in local *country*cemetery near city-center
  • *country* rail operations disrupted by powerful alien attack
  • Explosion rocks local neighborhood surrounding *country* businesses; authorities claim "mysterious figures" seen in the area are responsible
  • Panic grows as *country* train yard is heavily damaged in alien attack
  • Possible explosions on *country* highway overpass reported



  • Unknown military operatives in *country* rescue civilian from clutches of hostile aliens
  • *country* politician rescued by military personnel after failed alien abduction attempt
  • Witness claims to have seen unknown soldiers engaged with alien forces on local pier
  • Historic museum in *country* is site of failed abduction attempt by aliens
  • Unidentified soldiers thwart attempted alien abduction on major *country* highway
  • Unidentified human forces engage and destroy hostile aliens during attempted civilian rescue on *country* city streets


  • Reports indicate possible civilian and military casualties during attempted rescue by unknown forces in *country*
  • *country* mourns death of outspoken politician killed in attack
  • Military and civilian casualties reported after battle between human soldiers and alien forces at local pier
  • Government leaders in *country* mourn the loss of local politician
  • High ranking UN official visiting *country* government reportedly kidnapped as soldiers fail to stop alien abductors
  • Botched rescue attempt in *country* results in both civilian and military casualties


  • Aliens seize control of *country* facility; no word from civilian employees
  • Rumors of *country* politician being abducted circulate among media outlets
  • Man reportedly abducted by aliens near pier in *country*
  • No official statement on politician absent from government hearings today
  • Rumors of abduction attempts on UN officials in *country* creates panic
  • Individuals urged to stay indoors after reported alien sightings in *country* neighborhood

Site Recon


  • Fishermen near Newfoundland return to work after mysterious fishing moratorium lifted


  • Fishing village in Newfoundland declared quarantine zone


  • Fishing village in Newfoundland appears deserted; no comment from authorities



  • Southern France site of clash between aliens and multiple unidentified human squads
  • Dam crisis averted by well-equipped but as of yet unidentified team of operatives
  • Mysterious rescue operation executed in France


  • Aliens engage and defeat unknown human forces in southern France
  • Dam bursts amid battle in southern France; reports of widespread destruction
  • Alleged rescue operation at rumored abductee holding facility suffers heavy losses.


  • Unknown military forces ambushed by aliens in France
  • Dam collapses in southern France leaving unknown number of casualties
  • Reported abductees in France still missing



  • Invaders involved in Chinese organized crime showdown?
  • Commuter train diverted in China; large alien ship inexplicably pursues
  • Mysterious aircraft lands on alien craft in mid-flight - battle ensues


  • Triad bloodbath leaves several dead in China
  • Special operation at Chinese train station goes wrong - explosions and casualties reported
  • Damaged aircraft flees alien battleship


  • Shakeup in Hong Kong triad leadership - situation murky
  • Large alien craft continues vigil over China
  • Alien battleship rains destruction on Chinese cities

Meld Tutorial


  • Unidentified personnel defuse mysterious gas leak


  • Spike in emergency medical admissions attributed to unidentified gas leak


  • Alien forces are in the area; witnesses report seeing multiple canisters of unknown purpose. Civilians have been evacuated.

Covert Operations


  • Mysterious operatives reportedly on the ground in *country name* leave without a trace
  • Unidentified military forces conduct swift operation in *country name*
  • Military operatives seen moving in *country name* engage unknown forces and quickly disperse
  • Operation conducted by unknown forces in *country name* cloaked in secrecy
  • Locals in *country name* claim that military forces have conducted an operation of some kind in the region
  • Government officials in *country name* deny any knowledge of covert operation said to have taken place in the nation's borders
  • Unknown military operatives appear in *country name*; disappear as quickly as they arrived
  • Mysterious military operation in *country name* completed under cloak of secrecy!


  • Reports of weapons fire and casualties following unknown operation in *country name*
  • Independent reports indicate that human military forces may be have been defeated during operation in *country name*
  • Numerous eyewitness accounts claim attempted military operation in *country name* results in heavy casualties
  • Attempted military operation in *country name* reportedly results in numerous human casualties

Country Requests


  • *country name* pharmaceutical company announces breakthrough in new DNA sequencing technology
  • *country name* military procurement records indicate new contracts with unknown agency
  • New photos from embedded reporters reveal use of mysterious body armor among *country name* troops
  • Armed drones now in use by *country name* in attempt to thwart alien attacks
  • *country name* touts several new developments in field of cybernetic research
  • Images of *country name* soldiers going into battle with advanced alien weaponry posted on Internet
  • New synthetic antibodies discovered in *country name* medical labs promise pain-free living
  • Witness claims fighter jets from *country name* outperform alien UFOs in air-to-air combat
  • *country name* government issues small laser weapons to civilians, citing "civil defense"
  • *country name* military reportedly issues laser based weapons in fight against alien incursion
  • *country name* power commission able to fix damage to national power grid
  • *country name* reinforces critical infrastructure using advanced materials and building techniques
  • Calm returns to the streets of *country name* as police implement new non-lethal weapons
  • Civilian panic slows in *country name* as new satellite monitoring allows alien UFO tracking.
  • Unidentified fighter jets spotted in pursuit of UFO over *country name*
  • Major breakthroughs in anti-aging research developed in *country name* labs
  • *country name* has released preliminary research into the eradication of Alzheimer's disease
  • Revolutionary new prosthetics engineered in *country name*
  • New robotic machines spotted policing *country name* streets
  • Members of *country name* military reportedly enduring unusually harsh conditions with few health consequences
  • *country name* troops have been spotted firing unknown energy weapons in combat
  • Military sources: troops in *country name* fight with a new, advanced weapon
  • Images of laser weapons fire coming from the ground in *country name* flood the internet
  • Mass graves filled with stockpiles of useless weapons found in *country name*
  • Government spokesman: *country name* troopers fight with a new, advanced weapon
  • According to military sources, *country name* increases assaults on hostile alien forces
  • Soldiers in *country name* seen patrolling the streets with highly sophisticated weaponry
  • Massive explosions rock skies over *country name* as military employs new weapons
  • Witnesses claim to have seen new aerial drones of some kind operating in *country*
  • Agents operating inside *country* reportedly utilize new stealth technologies
  • Soldiers in *country* reportedly disappear in the middle of firefight with aliens
  • New line of gas-based weaponry unveiled in *country* seems to thwart alien forces
  • Soldiers in *country* take down hostile aliens in greater numbers than previously recorded
  • Eyewitnesses claim multiple aliens killed in ambush by government forces in *country*
  • Reports coming from *country* indicate hostile aliens repelled by unknown forces
  • Special forces troops in *country* seen raiding local warehouse in industrial sector
  • Amateur footage from *country* shows government forces training with unusual weapons
  • Government contractors in *country* claim to have test fired new, "non-standard" weaponry
  • Unannounced weapons testing in *country* catches some local residents by surprise
  • Noticeable downturn in supply convoys used by military forces in *country* following energy-generation breakthrough
  • Several local weapons manufacturers in *country* were raided today as part of an ongoing investigation
  • Local residents in *country* reportedly spot weapons test over rural area


  • Stock prices continue slow decline in *country name* pharmaceutical industry
  • *country name* military denies difficulty in procuring advanced weapons technology
  • Casualties among *country name* troops remain high
  • Inability of *country name* to protect citizens causes panic
  • Unsuccessful trials of human cybernetic implants in *country name* raises questions of plausibility
  • *country name* troops continually outgunned by invading alien forces
  • NSAIDS and other anti-inflammatory medications pulled from *country name* shelves due to increased bouts of dyspepsia
  • UFOs continue to wreak havoc on ground targets in *country name*
  • *country name* civilians continually vulnerable to attack as government fails to develop advanced weaponry
  • Alien conflict moves closer to capital city in *country name* with no end in sight
  • Still in the dark, millions are without power, heat, in *country name*
  • *country name* struggles with power outages as alien attacks destroy critical infrastructure
  • Rioting in *country name* overwhelms local authorities
  • Pressure mounts in *country name* as their inability to monitor alien threats comes into question.
  • Thousands seek shelter from aerial assaults in *country name*
  • Fourth quarter lows expected from *country name* medical industry this year
  • New statistics indicate *country name* population developing Alzheimer's disease at alarming rate
  • Many confined to wheelchairs, crutches after brutal alien assaults
  • Panic in the streets of *country name*; government at a loss on how to restore order
  • *country name* soldiers outmatched on battlefield due to longer deployments
  • Outgunned by alien threat, *country name* troops on the defensive
  • Dump sites filled with stockpiles of useless weapons found in *country name*
  • More UFOs spotted over *country name* airspace
  • Unbridled UFO attacks pound *country name* with no relief in sight
  • Civilians barricade themselves indoors as aliens outgun soldiers of *country name*
  • UFOs easily evade anti-aircraft fire over skies of *country name*
  • Heavy casualties in *country* as poorly equipped government forces attempt to engage aliens
  • Intelligence failures in *country* blamed on outdated, obsolete equipment
  • Forces in *country* continually battered by invaders as traditional concealment proves ineffective
  • Casualties in *country* mount as existing weaponry proves ineffective against hostile aliens
  • Heavy casualties reported in *country* as soldiers fail to stop alien onslaught
  • Officials in *country* struggle to come to terms with mounting casualties
  • Unidentified human forces heavily outgunned by hostile aliens in *country*
  • Army units in *country* struggle to contain hostile covert operations within the nation's borders
  • Unverified independent footage claims to show severely wounded government operative on public display in *country*
  • Government agencies struggle to identify source of new weapons seen in *country*
  • No progress seen in slowing the ongoing threat of hostile operations in *country*
  • No indication of progress against unknown human forces disrupting infrastructure in *country*
  • Local industries report record profits as uncharacteristic orders for new equipment climb in *country*
  • Hostile forces continue to make progress in *country* as local military struggles to match firepower

EXALT Operations


  • World financial markets in disarray following unidentified attacks on major infrastructure"
  • Rolling blackouts have been instituted in some areas following power grid disruptions across the globe"
  • Concern among the general populace grows as strange disruptions in infrastructure and services become widespread"
  • Stock markets institute trading curbs as reports of possible data manipulation leads to massive selloffs"
  • Mysterious disruptions in infrastructure lead to ongoing supply issues in countries around the world"


  • Leaflets distributed in *country name* imply local populace is being manipulated by "anti-alien government propaganda"
  • Radio broadcasts in *country name* were disrupted today by messages indicating that 'alien cooperation' is best for human civilization
  • Unidentified messages scrawled in city streets throughout *country name* claim aliens can improve the lives of all those in need
  • Local government officials in *country name* say "conspiracy websites" encouraging dialogue with the aliens are "detrimental to all society"
  • Politicians in *country name* say there is no merit to rumors that they have accepted bribes as part of an "unjust war on alien visitors"
  • Vocal government critics in *country name* claim mounting evidence of political coercion between officials and groups seeking alien collaboration
  • Rumors of law enforcement officers involved "subversive" activity in *country name* as unknown sources leak new information

Research Hack

  • Bank run in *country name* spurred by network attacks on central banking system
  • Renowned theoretical physicist disappears in *country name* following reports of espionage
  • Cellular network outages in *country name* spark chaos in the streets
  • Concern grows in *country name* as government officials fail to respond to ongoing reports of cyber-terror attacks on local networks
  • Scientists flee *country name* as ongoing concerns over network security raise the specter of industrial espionage

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