Not of this Earth (Bureau)

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To unlock this mission, go to Faulk's office to see him and Angela arguing, then talk to her in her office. You'll then need to talk to Comm Officer Chulski and Dr Wier. Back to Faulk, talk to him--- and Angela will steal a Skyranger and go solo after Axis.

Also note that the Vendetta investigation is now unlockable.

Go to Oregon, land at the campsite. At the fork in the road next to the Office cabin, go left, then down to the cave to get the Tactical Focus schematic. On your way back, a Grunt and two Drones will spawn.

Passing a drop by a second cabin, you'll come across the... disposal site. Take out the grunt at the pool, have your agents focus on the Drone, and wait for the Elite-- he almost always goes to cover and prepares to toss a grenade. Lift him as soon as you hear him shout, and he'll be killed by his own dropped grenade. Amusingly, this will launch him clear into the air.

Go past the next few pools, past the bridge/dock, and engage the Drones and the Muton in the lake bed. You'll have another door to hotwire, so choose and agent to be out of the next skirmish, which includes a Sectopod (if you have an engineer: take the time to lay a few mines down, and he'd be good to do the rewiring. There's a Blaster Launcher near the locked door if you need it, as well as your first set of Sticky Grenades.

Into the facility, you'll find Weaver, who has brought up her brother on the screen: he had been among the first abductions, and was an early test subject for the Sleepwalker pathogen. Talk to Angela, then progress into the facility. Continue to the one Supply Box of the mission-- and any Recon you have with you, you may want to put the Tactician Pack, since they're still on conventional weapons. Right after the supply drop, head right to a small holding pen, and get the Range Enhancer schematics. As good as it'd be for any Recon agents with Decoy and Bombardment, you cannot go back to the box to equip them with it. Kill the two Outsiders that spawn on the way back.

Back on the path, you'll soon come to a large room with several cylinders littering the area. If you use Battle Focus, you'll see some Elite Snipers on a high balcony (and blocker by the cylinders), as well as the first Phantoms, and some Sectoids. Let the other agents deal with the weaker enemies, your priority should be the Snipers and an Elite. When a second wave of Sectoids and Drones appears, watch out for some Outsiders coming from the way you came in.

Past a turn, there is another large, roughly circular room with many consoles. Sectoids, some Phantoms, and a Tech Commander are present. Be sure to move forward, as a Muton and some Sectoid escorts will come up from behind, along with some drones.

Meet up with Angela, who has found her brother, and go through the dialogue. Back into the previous room and through the unlocked door. Down the corridor, go left for the Reaper pack and 3 more Outsiders.

Back on the main path, around the turn, approach slowly: you might be able to land a Sticky Grenade right on that Elite. In this room, Angela will be on the catwalks above, and you can command her sniper shots. You can also get the Plasma Sniper Rife-- though as previously stated, there won't be another Supply Drop to equip your Recon agents with.

One last hallway, and the battle with Axis will begin as soon as you open the door.

He'll have a barrier up: you'll need to deactivate the 3 terminals around the room. As you move, you'll encounter nearly every kind of alien you've fought so far except Sectopods in here. Once the last terminal is shut down, Axis'll begin fighting. He has a Force Wave attack, shields, teleportation, and can summon drones.