Offensive Operations (UFO2000)

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In general it is safe to say a good offence needs a good preperation. Preperations start with the attack plan.

The plan of attack: Strategy

A good offensive strategy starts with forming the attack plan. Think about a plan of attack after the map is selected, before setting up your team. What strategy you use on a map depends on many variable. You can read here how to choose a strategy or make your own strategy.

To form/choose a decent attack plan follow the following steps:

Step 1: Analyse the map

Take a good look at the map. The map overview shows an image of the map. Everything on the picture correspondes with items or structures which you see in the game. Try recognizing the structures and items on the map. If you haven't played a lot of games don't worry, in time you will be able to recognise all the structures and items.

Once you have an idea about how the map looks, think about these points which are important to form your plan:

  • Are there opportunities to flank (side-attack) the opponent?
  • Are there opportunities to rush an opponent?
  • Are there structures or other map specific advantages you can use? (like mountains, explosive barrels, trees, etc, etc!)
  • Are there enough hiding places in your route to the opponent?
  • Are there open fields on the map?

Ok now you have a general idea of a way to attack your opponent on this map, proceed to the next step!

Step 2: Analyse the player

If you are fighting an unknown enemy to you, then stick to your own game plan. Try to asses his strength by asking how many games he has played or checking the server for his statistics. Adjust your play accourdingly. (Certain strenght players make the same certain mistakes so take use of them). The ability to do this will increase while you get more experienced.

If you already played this opponent think of the following:

  • Does your opponent use a certain type of strategy much? (most players tend to stick to a certain team setup, offensive/defensive movement, etc)
  • Does your opponent use a certain type of weaponry much? (like missles or sniper guns)
  • Does your opponent use a certain type of unit much? (like flying or strong armoured units)
  • Does your opponent make certain mistakes which you can exploit? (like hiding errors, movement errors, stats errors.)

Important! Now that you have reviewed all these steps think about wether offence is acctually the best idea for this game. Switch to a defensive plan instead of an offensive plan if you feel you will have more advantages playing a defensive strategy. No? Continue with your offensive strategy.

Now that you have an attacking plan idea choose an Offensive Strategy to fit your idea. You can also think of a new strategy or a combined strategy, proceed to step 3 to do so! I's time to start with setting up your units so they fit your new plan.

Step 3: Setting up your offensive squad

  • Take in account all the points of step 1 and 2 and your newly formed battleplan.
  • Set some members of your team up to fit the specific attacking role but don't forget to defend aswell.

As said earlier, it's important to make sure you don't get surprised by an enemy in an unwanted place. Cover your units by using the security and support Team Roles for some units.

Step 4: Important notes!

Ok now you have an attacking strategy, but wait: Take in account this IMPORTANT GENERAL ATTACKING STRATEGY NOTES.