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To give you an idea of the strategies possible in UFO2000, here are some tried and tested successful strategies. There are some tips added to the strategies which u can consider when choosing the strategy for your map. Off course its possible to combine strategies if a map requires this. Some strategies are more effective or vulnerable to others. This is also noted here. Strategy possibilities depend for a great deal on what kind of game you are playing. Playing a game with more that 10.000 points on a 5x5 map reduces the amount of strategies that you are able to play. This is because of the amount of units you can choose. Choosing more points will make different strategies available. Here you can find different strategies ordered by gametype. All strategies can off course be played in any gametype.

Regular 7K strategies

Regular 7K games offer lots of strategies but require a bit of preparation. Read the following successful strategies.

Sweeper Assault

What is a Sweeper Assault?

A sweeper assault is the basic 7K assault strategy. It's very flexible and works against most strategies.

When to play a Sweeper assault?

A sweeper assault is the most used and basic attack strategy against any unknown player. Since you cannot predict the movement of an unknown player you can't use strategies where you predict movement. You have to expect the enemy everywhere. This is a good strategy to play if you just start out playing UFO2000 and UFO2000 7K. You can learn to become better in tactical movement and become a flexible player.

Team setup

The key is flexibility here. Setup a strong ground team. Like 4 mutons with plasma pistols and a knife. A covering unit like a floater with a XAAS HE gun. Finally a scout sectoid. Any points remain? grenades or a plasma rifle for a muton.


Take enough TU (at least 70) and some health (60 at least) and full accuracy to all. Spend the last 10 points were ever you want. Usually 70 health is a good choice for the mutons and the floater, 60 energy for the scout.


A sweeper assault is using all your assault units to scout and assault as well. You move in a line of attack scouting all places while walking to the next hiding place. The goal is scouting/moving in such a way an opposing player can never pass your line of defence without getting spotted or getting spotted next turn.

Example of a Sweeper Assault

Turn 1 Sweeper1.gif The top 4 units are mutons the flying unit is a floater the bottom unit is a sectoid.

Turn 2 Sweeper2.gif Make sure you hide again and scout ALL zones and routes that pass your line of attack.

Special note

A Sweeper assault ALWAYS requires 6 units even if the map is fully open (no structures). If you play against a strong player playing an unknown strategy or a player taking less then 6 soldiers: Take 2 Plasma blasters instead of 4 plasma pistols for your Mutons. This covers air and strong armour units also.

Use against:

A well played sweeper works against any player not playing any strategy and against rushing. This strategy is also good against a player playing an unknown strategy as this strategy is one of the most flexible strategies available.

Vulnerable against:

Missile spam, or a well played defensive strategy.

Rush Assault

What is a Rush Assault?

A rush assault is an assault were you use the maximum movement available in your units to surpise the enemy fast. Typically a rush assault is very dangerous for your own units and you can expect some losses.

When to play a Rush assault?

A rush assault requires some experience in playing. The goal is to jump an enemy, building up a defence or to take out a crucial unit at the cost of any or your own units. To do this you usually already have played this player and can predict his movement. Use the Rush assault preferably only when having the first turn initiative.

Team setup

A nice setup is mostly flexible. Like the basic sweeper assault team. You can basically use any units to rush but beware, some units will die so don't overspend on weapons! You don't want that plasma sniper gun falling into enemy hands now do you? A good choice is grenades and plasma pistols. Take a plasma sniper or plasma rifles for ground units against a player playing Missile spam.


Move quickly close the zone you are attacking, preferably in 1 turn. When moving to the zone try to hide but only if you have hiding spots available. Attack the zone and keep pushing your attack. Change to offensive sweeper assault as soon as your zone attack is finished or the crucial unit you wanted to kill is killed. Against Missile spam use the flying units all the way into the enemy space in the second turn until you spot the missile firing unit.

Example of a Rush Assault

Rush.gif most of the time you tend to kill all or all but 1 offensive units leaving only the enemy defensive cover fire.

Use against:

Predictable player movement, Missile spam.

Vulnerable against:

Any defensive strategy and Sweeper assault. Also vulnerable vs Kamikaze plays so watch out against beginners or new players.

Offensive Sniping

What is Offensive sniping?

Offensive Sniping is using snipers as moving offensive units. Watch-out! Check out Defensive sniping if you are looking to use stationary snipers covering open area's.

Team setup

1 Sniper. An offensive sniper is preferably flying when there are structures on the map. A ground based offensive sniper is also possible but requires a lot of open space on a map. The amount of snipers depends on the map also. Usually you pick 1 or 2 snipers offensive snipers. The amount depends on the amount of soldiers you need to sweep and scout the space the sniper cannot see or needs to see. If you can cover the entire map with 4 units (cover= make sure no one can pas your offensive line/zone) you can take 2 snipers. A good offensive sniper choice is a floater with the most powerful sniping gun.

2 Scouts. Scouts are very important to any sniping strategy. Scouts allow you to take out enemies without the expensive and crucial sniper coming in danger. Take at least 2 or 3 scouts in the form of cheap sectoids. Using a Floater in a dual role as scout/security or as a full extra scout can give you a big advantage in attacking defensive strategies. Especially strategies which have flying units in a crucial role. Move the scouts in enemy territory very fast and scout for crucial units. Sacrifice them if necessary scouting. (Running yourself out of TU in a dangerous place in an attempt to find a crucial unit like a unit with missiles or an expensive unit).

3 Support and security


Take in account a flying sniper unit can make use of airborne tactics. However as stated flying reduces accuracy so for a sniper try sitting it down on a place with a large shooting range.


Accuracy should be at a max for all members of the team. Only in extremely structure filled maps can securities or scouts accuracy be reduced. The sniper should have at least 70 TU and 70 health if your unit is a floater. This usually prevents him from dying in 1 attack. Take full TU (80) for all scouts with maximum accuracy in most cases.

Use against:

Any strategies which involve moving into open fields or open air, except strategies which are noted as vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable against:




Sniping needs lots of clear space. I

Best effect when played against:

Anti-Sniping Strategy: Flanking


What is Flanking?

Flanking is an assault on one or both sides of the map.

Stealth Assault

What is a stealth assault?

A stealth assault is an assault where you avoid detection of the enemy to the maximum. moving between cover taking the enemy down silently.

Team setup

equipment to use: melee weapons-These will use little time units and will not reveal your position (if used from behind). proximity mine-These either be thrown down as a they are silent and will not (if used correctly) reveal your position. smoke grenades--These can be used to escape detection or just thrown into a place where you are not- just to confuse the enemy. Demolition packs-These can be used to sabotage locations you know enemies are located or are likely to look in. a combination of proximity of a proximity grenade and a detonation pack can be deadly. If you are detected, these can be used to cause an explosive getaway killing, wounding and blinding the enemy.

Unit types to use: -As you are only using knives, you will need to take as heavy armor as possible as you will need protect yourself from the explosions you will be subjected to from those missile spammers.


The main idea of a stealth assault is to move unseen within cover taking out enemies out silently. THE main way to consider when being stealthy is to NOT be seen. One way of doing this is by using windows, the stealthy man's best friend. If you are on ground floor, you should wait at least ONE space behind the window, as if someone walks past, they will not see you as easily. You should also get in to the practice of moving space by space and assessing if an enemy may see you in the next space. Note. You have to assume that if you CAN be seen you WILL be seen. Don't take chances,be patient. One thing to note is most players automatically see walls as boundaries, you on the other hand have a team with knives.


Firing accuracy, Throwing accuracy and Strength are useless stats for a stealth team-Don't spend any points on them! What you do need is a lot of time units, stamina and health points.

Use against:

Any strategies can fall to this if you are stealthy enough. just as long as the map has lots of cover. On a barren map this will be useless.

Vulnerable against:

Missile spam


The map needs to have many places to hide, if there is limited hiding places, the enemy will know where you are hiding and rocket spam you.

Best effect when played against:

Anti-stealth Strategy: Missile spam

Smoke Assault

What is a Smoke Assault?

Missile Spam

What is Missile spam?

Types of Missile spam:

Foil the plan

A foil the plan strategy is were you destroy every defensive hiding place on the opponents early in the game. You can use 1 or more missile launchers supported by any explosive weaponry. This strategy is mostly used in maps with structures which can be destroyed. Take a strong ground assault to accompany the explo team to finish up the opponent in a sweeper strategy. A strong smoke strategy works best for this strategy.

Preemptive strike

When played correctly this is one of the most deadly strategies available. In the first or second turn destroy places where the opponent has most likely spawned his team members. This strategy has a severe disadvantage though: U can use it only sporadicly! Here is why: Once you play this strategy against a player he will know you play it and will spawn units at a place you can't predict or in a safe place like on the most back line in his zone. Never choose this strategy as a regular played strategy.

Scout 'n Fire

This is the most used strategy out there. One or two missile loaded flying units fly into the air using airborne tactics to increase range. The 4 man strong ground team plays a rush or sweeper attack strategy. When an enemy unit is uncovered the scout retreats and the airborne fliers bombard the location. This strategy is effective against any strategy with ground units. The way to beat this strategy is to run an aerial strategy. You can also do a rush attack where you go at any cost for to scout the missile shooters. Once the crucial missile units are destroyed only a weak ground team is left because all points went to the expensive missiles. There is a special way to destroy the ammo inside the missile firing units also. All missiles only have 1 health. This means if a missile carrying unit is shot by a explosive weapon all his missiles will be destroyed!

Combined Offensive Strategies