Orange Pad Re-inforcement Spawns

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This is here as to not clutter the bugs page.

Spawn Camping Tests


This was a 27hour (real life, using x4 speed) stress-test mission within the Spawning Chamber (it has the queen) using edited lifeform selections to get a uniform result and limit variables.

  • Anthropods only. Six initially present (with one mandatory Queen). Score = 10.
  • Disruptor Gun only. No other items. Score = 8.


  • Ten agents.
  • Lawpistol only. Recharging ammo: full=25, regen=5, dam=100.
  • Accesories: Sword=1, AP-G=4, Medi=1, Cloak=1, Armor=5pieces.
  • Items per agent = 13.
  • Total X-Com items = 130.


Equipment Score = 4616

{4616 ÷ 8} = 577

meaning 577 disruptor guns on the ground ...which is higher than the supposed limit of 500 items (must include 130 items from X-Com) = 707.
Kill Score = 56450

{{56450 - queen50pts} ÷ 10} = 5640

meaning X-Com agents killed...

5640 anthropods (this is ridiculous!)

Conservative Results

These stress tests used Score = 1 each for gun and alien. Initial Anthropods=6, Gun x6.

  • Agents and loadouts were reduced to the minimum suitable: Agents=8, Lawpistol=1, Cloak=1, Armor=5pieces. 56 total items.

Test1: Spawning Chamber
Gametime: Start 11:32. End=16:27. Last Kill=14:52

Combat = 733 (less 50 for queen death score)
Equipment = 693

Notes: 683 anthros killed, items easily surpassed the supposed item limit of 500, active combat timer seems to be exact 200minutes, item drop qty does not match with alien death qty.
Test2: Maintenance
Gametime: Start 2:21:51. End=8:11. Last Kill=6:21:51

Combat = 681
Equipment = 666

Notes: 681 anthros killed, items again surpassed limit, active combat timer is exactly 4 hours (240minutes), item drop qty does not match with alien death qty.
Test3: Maintenance again
Gametime: Start 2:21:51. End=14:33. Last Kill=6:01:51

Combat = 668
Equipment = 666

Notes: 668 anthros killed according to score. Add up quantity of aliens killed (8xagent's kill count from zero) and it becomes 913 kills! So now it looks like Combat rating is not correct versus actual kill count. This is becoming a headache. Items again surpassed limit and are exact as before in Test 1 and 2. Active combat timer is less than 4 hours now, being ~220minutes and also again: item drop qty does not match with alien death qty (913) but it does closely with combat rating 668 vs 666. Test4: Sleeping Chamber
Gametime: doesn't matter since it was corpse recovery test but it lasted a few hours.

Combat = 704
Equipment = 704

Notes: Using new setup: Anthros + Brainsucker Launchers(Score=1) with no ammo. Agents x12 with only LawPistol (recharges). No armor, no cloak. 704 kills so far since ended mission early. Items recovered (confirmed at base) = 704 brainsucker launchers + 48 corpses. Scores match now. What is the upper limit to kills since it is confirmed that 60 is the unit/corpse limit.
Test5: Sleeping Chamber


...but not without some help. Since it is known that old corpses will be removed if there are too many just before a new spawn appears, there is a way to make spawn unlimited. Equipment dropped by the dead must be destroyed!
The items on the ground will limit the spawn quantity. This confirms that there is an item limit (unknown exactly): approximately 750 items in total.


To make it easy: know which aliens can spawn, each bulding's timer, face agents towards the center of the battlescape if they are near the map edge.

  • Set up an ambush somewhere at Level One is possible. Level one is preferred since it cannot make craters.
  • Funnel the aliens into this ambush by removing ramps to other accessible areas. Setting up the best location will be guesswork since some aliens just stand around after spawning, and it will depend on the battlescape layout. Skeletoids will limit the ambush effectiveness.
  • Kill them in this ambush zone if possible. An explosion can remove bulk items easily, otherwise a live grenade one over the alien's pile of dropped stuff every so often.
  • If the aliens stop spawning, it is time for a cleanup of items around the battlescape. Collect them and destroy them.
  • Filling your agents inventory does not work since the item is still present. It must be destroyed if you want spawns to continue.
  • Each destroyed pad is worth one to four more new spawns if wanting to further customise the spawn location to enable an easier ambush!
  • Building your agents attributes to become super-soldiers is not important since cannon-fodder agents are unlimited in supply within Mega-Primus.

These are ongoing tests whenever...


There is a critical bug which is caused by too many items on the ground regarding overhead view.

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