Organic Factory

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This building produces strange organic mushroooms which "grow" into Alien craft. All other Alien
technology is produced here as well - weapons for craft and equipment for Alien warriors. The
nature of this building makes it an essential target for our forces, even though it is very well


The Organic Factory provides a construction center for Alien UFOs. In their initial 
stage of development the UFOs resemble small mushroom-like objects. These objects increase in
size until they reach the colossal sizes of the UFOs we have encountered. When fully grown the
UFOs detach themselves from their stem and become fully functional Alien attack vessels. All 
embryonic UFOs must be destroyed.

Only the large multi-square mushrooms need to be destroyed, which can be done with Vortex Mines or at range with Devastator Cannons. They go up in a medium-sized explosion and fall to the ground when destroyed, so can flatten aliens standing around them. Most UFO embryos are found floating in the middle of large rooms, but there may be a few in underground chambers.

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