Outsider Elite (Bureau)

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Well-armored (high HP) and shielded, these are Zudjari veterans of war. They are extremely aggressive, and will often either attempt to flank, or break cover and charge to engage in close combat; a brutal tackle that will easily knock any human flat on their ass. A good tactic is, as soon as you hear them say "Granood!" (grenade) is to immediately Lift them, making them drop their sticky grenade. If they have shields up, take a few pot shots to weaken them. With the grenade directly below them, if it kills them (and it often will), they will go flying into the air.

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Autopsy Report: Outsider Elite

The Elites are heavily armed and shielded ground troops in the Outsider forces, and combine peak physical development of their species, advanced tactical training, and a vicious ferocity that can surprise even trained field agents. Elites are equipped with shields, automatic weapons, and grenades, and often work in conjunction with multiple Outsider grunts and a Commander.

Elites appear to be veteran of many previous Outsider conquests, and different specimens often carry small trophies of their past campaigns. If we successfully repel this invasion, our analysts will have a lifetime of work studying these fragments to learn about the Outsiders’ military history and other species of our galaxy.