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The Personal Teleporter, image from the UFOpaedia

The Personal Teleporter is the final alien artifact you'll encounter, and the most powerful Quantum Physics research topic in the game. Teleporters allow instantaneous movement to any location on the map for any number of conceivable reasons that you can think of. Agents with properly used Teleporters are practically unbeatable, though the methods differ drastically between real time and turn based mode.

Despite the official entry, the Teleporter has unlimited range and depletes the entire battery with each use.

Teleporters will give an error if the destination is obstructed. If the location is in mid air, the Teleporter will not activate unless the agent has flight ability from Marsec Armor. They can move agents into the fog of war, allowing instantaneous map crossing maneuvers.

Real Time

  • Teleporters will recharge in 12 seconds.
  • Teleporting is 100% instant. It will work when the game is paused, and can be used multiple times before resuming the game.
  • Teleporters can be used to dodge any type of incoming fire, including dimension missiles, Devastator shots, and even explosions mid-blast. Brainsuckers can find themselves leaping on to thin air!
  • Two Teleporters can be used to bait enemy fire upon themselves. Pop in, let the aliens launch their missiles/grenades, and teleport out. Add to the fun by dropping your own grenades at the same time.

Turn Based

  • The Teleporter is fully recharged every turn.
  • Activating a Teleporter will use up 55% TUs. Agents can only use and will only ever need one.
  • Teleporters can be leapfrogged to gain vision deeper into the fog of war.
  • With a handful of agents, many missions can be ended in one or two turns by teleporting to the alien spawn points and hosing it down with the Toxigun.

Official Entry: "This extraordinary device uses inter-dimensional capability to transport the user over short distances via a dimensional flux. The energy level depletes according to the distance jumped, but it recovers over time."

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