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The Plasma Beam is a long-range craft armament that is available to research and manufacture after completing research on the Heavy Plasma.

This variant of the Plasma Beam operates similarly to the vanilla Plasma Beam. It has seen a slight reduction in its maximum range to 42km, and an increase in base accuracy to 60%.

This weapon matches the range of all hostile UFO types with the exception of the Battleship, which continues to outrange it to 65km. This weapon remains an extremely potent weapon in the war for Earth's skies and is a potent replacement for the Laser Cannon.

The weapon however is an expensive piece of equipment to manufacture, to protect X-COM's investments it may be wise to mount this on a powerful Interceptor that is not at risk of destruction, such as the Firestorm. A ship using this weapon will still need to expose itself to hostile fire to employ it against the more threatening UFOs being deployed to Earth.


Weapon Statistics

  • Damage: 140
  • Range: 42km
  • Accuracy: 60%
  • Reload Time: 24 frames
  • Ammo: 50 cell charge

Manufacturing Statistics

  • Engineering Hours: 1,000
  • Cost per unit: $452,000
  • Material Cost: 10 Alien Alloys, 20 Elerium
  • Selling Price: $XXX,XXX
  • Workshop Space : 8

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