Plasma Sniper Rifle (Bureau)

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The Plasma Sniper Rifle has a low ammo capacity, but is deadly in the right hands. The "charge" mentioned in the description works as follows; when aiming, it will go into a scoped view, and arrows on the sides of the targeting reticule will converge on it, taking about a second: that is when the shot will be at it's full power. If fired too soon, the bolt will be a fraction of it's full power. As with the Pulse Laser Rifle, you can switch the scope into a more magnified view.

  • Clip/Carry: 3/6
  • Gunner Pack: 4/8

It can be first acquired on the mission to capture Axis, a ways into the Outsider Facility, resting against a console in the middle of the room where Angela first provides cover fire. It is the only other weapon you can give your Recon soldiers; thus it's the ultimate weapon for give them.