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General Information

Making use of the resilient light Aqua Plastics that compose almost the entirety of Alien Sub hulls, the eggheads have been able to devise a new diving suit which gives our men a chance to repel the alien invasion.

The relatively simple and cost effective construction of Plastic Aqua Armor allows some X-COM Commanders to introduce the suits as standard issue equipment very quickly. But more importantly, it's a good excuse for engineers to get rid of that often gigantic mound of Aqua Plastics that tends to accumulate in storage.

This armor is used in Terror from the Deep. In UFO: Enemy Unknown, the Personal Armour is the equivalent.


  • Aqua Plastics => Plastic Aqua Armour
    • In order to research Aqua Plastics, you must first have examined a Deep One corpse.


Plastic Aqua Armour
Facing Protection

Plastic Aqua Armor reduces Armor Piercing damage by 10% and reduces Gauss and Fire/Phosphor damage by 20%.


  • This armour utilises the newly discovered Alien substance, Aqua-plastic, and ensures our Aquanauts are given a fighting chance against the Alien incursion.

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