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Police Car UFOPedia picture

General Information

Apoc policecar icon.png

Official Entry: "The standard Megapol patrol vehicle is proudly styled in the current retro fashion, but is still capable of carrying several types of weapon system. The recent prevalence for criminals to engage in road combats has led to an increase in patrols and an upgrade in armament."

Cityscape Information

A smaller cousin to the Police Hovercar, its combat capability is slightly below that of a Stormdog.

Police Cars are constantly patrolling the streets of Mega-Primus, and will engage any enemy of Megapol (including X-COM, if provoked). They will provide limited support against UFOs, but are ineffective against the more heavily armored types.

In X-COM Service

Use of multiple mods is required for this vehicle to be of any worth to X-COM. Even then, it is marginal at best. The Police Car attacking enemy flyers is like gnats attacking a bear. It costs far too much for what it offers, but could make a fun roleplay vehicle, escorting other X-COM vehicles on missions.


Statistics Value
EngineMetro Roadgrav
Engine Size2x2
Top Speed4
Weapon240mm Auto Cannon Turret
Weapons Slots2x2
Score points10

1 Armor is given as Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear/Bottom. The in-game Ufopedia rather misleadingly displays only a single armor value, the sum of the values on all six of the vehicle's facings.

2 Despite the in-game Ufopaedia claiming that it can mount several types of weapon systems, it is always armed with a 40mm Auto Cannon Turret.

3 This vehicle cannot be normally purchased by X-COM.

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