Psion Commander (Bureau)

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A fairly rare enemy, this Zudjari has a few tricks up his gauntlet. You may first encounter a Psion Commander in the minor operation, Hawkeye, with a one named Mu'ut Jeen, or a generic one in Crack in the World. Either way, his first trick is often to create a 'Shadow Clone' to fight you while the real one falls back. Mu'ut Jeen is scripted, so you cannot kill him until the last room of the mission, but if you're fast, any other Psion Commander can be killed before he retreats (which kills the clone also, if he managed to spawn it in). And, of couse, he can mind control your agents. Fortunately, he has to stand still to do so, so if you hear your agents being MCed, focus fire on him to kill him before he does any damage this way.