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Level Target Will Rank Psionic Ability
Causes biological enemies within line of sight that perform an end-in-idle action to take 2 + will/20 psionic damage. The chance to trigger is Will/4 percent and cannot trigger if the target is in smoke or this unit has lost any base HP or this unit is not idle. If this unit can activate counterchage they will have a 'Countercharge' buff displayed. Each trigger has an additional will/20 percent chance to double activate, dealing double damage. Triggers of Countercharge from multiple units result in only the unit with the highest Psi Rank unit dealing damage.
Mind Fray
Mind Fray
Causes the target to lose grip on reality causing 5% of will in damage, -25 aim, -25 will, -25% mobility/ability range, and +25% scatter. Damage is halved if the target is already affected by mind fray. Hit chance is calculated using 80% of will. Purely mechanical units are immune. Lasts through 2 enemy turns. 2 turn cooldown.
Psi Panic
Psi Panic
Causes the target to panic if the target's will is overcome. Hit chance is calculated using 66% of will. Purely mechanical units are immune. 4 turn cooldown.
Kinetic Blast
Kinetic Blast
Channel psionic energy up to 14 tiles away that causes a tandem kinetic blast with a 1 tile radius that does not affect cover and destroys corpses. Deals Will/10 kinetic damage. 1 turn cooldown.
Psi Inspire
Psi Inspire
Inspires all allies within a 4 radius area around the caster until their next turn. Inspired allies have mind fray, disorient, shaken, panic, and red fog removed, resist 50% of overpower, and gain +50 will. 4 turn cooldown.
Mind Merge
Mind Merge
Grants the target +25 aim/crit/will, +50% graze chance, +50% mobility, and -50% scatter until the beginning of their next turn. Additionally, sectoids gain HP and mechtoids gain a shield. 5 turn cooldown.
Required to use Gollop Chamber
Inner Fire
Grants +10 aim, +1.3 mobility, +10% throw range, and +10% DR. Gain an additional reaction shot on Overwatch. Psionic potential unlocks a deep connection to one's body.
Telekinetic Field
Telekinetic Field
Create an 8.5 radius telekinetic field that grants 30 defense to all allies within the field and dampens the effects of all explosives to only 50% of their original damage. Lasts through 1 enemy turn. 4 turn cooldown.
Psi Mastery
Psi Mastery
Mastery of multiple psionic abilities. All psionic abilities cost only 1 AP. Countercharge deals +2 damage. Inner Fire is 50% stronger. Psychic Storm deals half damage when interrupted.
6 Volunteer Only CLASS PSIONIC.png
Devastate an area with a storm of psi energy dealing 2 + (caster_will - target_will)/20 damage immediately and then again after a turn. 2 turn cooldown. Affects mechanical units that are normally immune to psionic abilities.

Reality is distorted around this unit: non-psionic attacks deal only 30% the damage and the damage is then shared among biologic allies in sight within 8 tiles. Grants +80 crit resistance and reduces corrosion duration to 1 turn. Prevents healing in humans.

Insentient Crush
Insentient Crush
Purely mechanical enemies that can see this unit at the beginning of their turn take 40% of their max HP in psionic damage.

Psi Overload
Psi Overload
Overload allies with psionic power but at the cost of 1 HP. Allied soldiers within a 4 tile AoE have mind fray, disorient, shaken, panic, and red fog removed, resist 50% of overpower, regain 35% of missing HP, have a 25% chance to become enraged per enemy in their sight, and gain +50 will. 1 turn cooldown.

Hit Chance

Psi abilities that target an enemy go through a will test to see if they hit. They start with a base 50% chance to hit. The will of the attacker is added to this and the will of the defender is subtracted from this. The final hit chance is then clamped between 0 and 100. Sometimes the will of the attacker is modified (e.g. Psi Panic would multiply the will of the attacker by 66%).

Psi Hit Chance Formula:

Hit Chance = Clamp(50 + (Attacker_Will * modifier) - Defender_Will, 0, 100)

Limitations and Requirements

After unlocking Xenopsionics, psionic training will be available to certain biosoldiers that have acquired the minimum psi xp.

MEC Troopers, Officers, and genetically modified soldiers are unable to undergo psi training. Psionic soldiers cannot become officers or be genetically modified. While psionic soldiers can be augmented into MECs, doing so will eliminate any of their psionic abilities.

If the Super Soldiers second wave option is enabled, acquiring Neural Dampening will prevent becoming psionic (and cannot be selected after becoming psionic). Additionally, if the player chooses the Deus Ex start and combines it with Super Soldiers, if a soldier is already psionic when Neural Dampening is acquired randomly after choosing Smart Macrophages, it will prevent training any future psi abilities. Abilities that have already been trained are unaffected, however.

Psionic Links

Each unit can only be psionically linked to 1 other unit. Many psionic abilities create a psionic link to targets that they affect. When linked, these units will be unable to be targeted by or immune to some psionic abilities.

  • Psi Inspiration: Psionically linked units cannot be affected by Psi Inspiration or any of its other benefits, such as panic removal.
  • Mind Merge: A psionically linked unit cannot use Mind Merge nor can they be subjected to the Mind Merge of another. Both the target and recipient of a Mind Merge are considered psionically linked for the duration of the effect.
  • Psi Panic: A unit with an active outstanding Psi Panic effect is considered psionically linked and thus cannot be subjected to Psi Inspiration or Mind Merge.
  • Mind Control: A unit with an active outstanding Mind Control effect is considered Psionically linked and thus cannot be subjected to Psi Inspiration or Mind Merge.
  • Mind Fray: A unit that is mind frayed and the unit doing the mind fray will establish a psionic link.
  • Distortion: Units in a distortion field may be psionically linked.


Unlocking Psi powers

After researching Xenopsionics, the first 3 levels of psionic powers will be unlocked. Unlocking additional psionic powers is accomplished by interrogating a sectoid commander and an ethereal. The only exception is Rift, which can only be acquired by the volunteer on the final mission. The volunteer will also gain every single psi ability for the final mission.

Psi-powers are more effective based on the will score of the caster.

Psionic soldiers also gain access to special armors and equipment.

Psi XP

After Xenopsionics is researched, soldiers will begin accruing Psi XP by going on missions.

Reaching a threshold of Psi XP is required to undergo additional Psi Training. Every round of psionic training takes time, and its length and success chance is affected by the tester's will and the level of the psionic ability. You can see the current Psi XP level and cap in their Barracks profile.

In Long War Rebalance, Psi XP is awarded passively only after a successful mission. Thus, the more missions a soldiers completes, the faster they will unveil the mystery behind their psionic powers.

Success Rate and Training Time

The success rate of the training depends on the soldier's will and the level of the ability. Bonus attributes from country starts are not considered for Psi Training unless specifically indicated. The base time to train a psionic soldier is 15 days.

If the target will for the level is equal to the soldier's will, the chance is 100% and it will take 20 days to train. 

Each psionic ability has a target_will from 1st level to last: 50, 45, 50, 55, and 60.

For every point of will under the target_will the chance decreases by 10%. 
For every point of will over the target_will the training time decreases by 1 day. 

The minimum chance to succeed is always at least 10% and the minimum time is 1 day.

Example Table

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Soldier Will % chance day(s) % chance day(s) % chance day(s) % chance day(s) % chance day(s)
35 10% 20 10% 20 10% 20 10% 20 10% 20
40 10% 50% 10%
45 50% 100% 20 50% 10%
50 100% 20 15 100% 20 50% 10%
55 15 10 15 100% 20 50%
60 10 5 10 15 100% 20
65 5 1 5 10 15
70 1 1 5 10
75 1 5
80 1

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