Rebel Hybrid (Piratez)

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This page may be outdated. It is up-to-date for version 0.97B. The latest version is v.J14.

Rebel Hybrid
Time Units 50
Stamina 50
Health 30
Bravery 60
Reactions 40
Firing Accuracy 30
Melee Accuracy 20
Throwing Accuracy 30
Strength 22
VooDoo Skill 0
VooDoo Strength 60

Armor: Front 4
Armor: Sides 4
Armor: Rear 4
Armor: Under 4
Evasion None
Aggression 0
Intelligence 6
Night Vision 12
Energy Recovery 20
Stun Recovery Normal

Rebel Hybrid

2X2 Unit? No
Height Standing 21
Size Medium
Bleed Immune? No
Ransom None
Score -35

Resistances & Vulnerabilities
Charm Piercing Burn Concussive Laser Plasma Daze Cutting Chem Choking Anti-E511 Bio Electric EMP Warp Mind Heat Cold
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Rebel Hybrid Information

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Source: Piratez Bootypedia


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This Rebel Hybrid appears to be a misguided member of the Mutant Alliance that has taken up arms in service of the local governments. A civilian equivalent of this character is often found as an innocent target of marauders during Pogrom missions.