Recyclotorium (Apocalypse)

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The Recyclotorium is capable of recycling all kinds of waste product, organic or mineral. The city is an ecologically self contained area. This would not be possible without these complex recycling stations.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia



  • Recyclotorium One
  • Recyclotorium Two

Alien Infiltration Potential: Low

Battlescape Combat

A waste processing facility of four levels high owned by Evonet, sorting and recycling all of the garbage generated within Mega-Primus. Every battlescape will be east-west orientated and only one segment in the north-south direction. Each part contains a central trough filled with furniture, dead humans, rubble and other garbage which can limit the speed at which a unit can run but can provide cover. Each side of the trough have a clear elevated section with small walkways, an occasional power cabinet and large walls dividing the segements.
Recyclable humans?

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