Regular 7K (UFO2000)

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What is a regular 7K game?

a 7K game means you take 7.000 points as a spending maximum.

Regular 7K means you use the regular rules and a spending maximum of 7.000 points

The regular 7K rules are:


1. A Maximum of 7.000 points should be set in the rules and may be spent at ANY type of weapon, ammo, armour or race.

2. A Maximum of 6 Soldiers may be used in a squad.

3. A Maximum of 300 seconds per turn should be set.

4. IN THE LOBBY decide with your opponent who takes 1st turn initiative OR who choses the battlemap. (U can also use the chat [1] of to throw a dice: highest throw wins choice MAP or 1st turn. Type /Roll in the chatroom[2])

5. No flying above level 10.

6. Only the latest beta (currently BETA Version 0.9.1142) should be used.


To all enjoy UFO2000 we have to behave in a friendly, civilized manner to eachother. Here you can find what the players expect from your behaviour in your 7K regular games.

1. No cheating or laming of any sort.

2. Be a good winner AND be a good loser. Remember: There is no winning without losing!

3. No profanity allowed.

4. Respect the opponent at all times.

5. If u choose to select the map ALWAYS check if the other opponent agrees to your chosen map. If a player does not agree because he thinks he is in a disadvantage he can ask for a new map.